Monday’s Musings

Lately I feel like my Monday posts are the only ones being written, sigh.  Life has been so busy.  This past weekend we headed down to Hazen’s mom’s for a family reunion.  It was kind of last minute so that was a little stressful as camp starts on Wednesday and I was thinking of the mountain of things that needed to be done before then.  However, we had an awesome weekend.  It was so nice.  I got to sit outside and chat with Hazen’s mom for a couple of hours Saturday afternoon (burned the tops of my shoulders…sad face) and we took Darius for a walk and her and I went off to Barrington for an hour or so.  It was very relaxing.  Darius did amazing in the playpen.  He screamed for about 5 minutes when we first put him down for a nap, but he went right down at bedtime and didn’t wake again until 6:45.  I think that’s totally awesome.  We got to have his bath in his little kiddy pool that Aunt Molly gave him and was all dressed up nice Sunday for church.  Here are a few pics of the weekend.


Sitting so big at Nannie’s table.


With Nannie and Daddy’s cat: Brownbread


Daddy filling up the pool so it would be warmer when it was time for a bath


I thought I might try the stairs but Nannie kept saying “No” to me…hehehe


Taking a nap Sunday morning before church.


With Daddy – all ready for church Sunday morning.  Aren’t I cute?  Mommy finally got a picture of my new suspenders!

I have lots of fun posts in the coming weeks – pinterest projects, recipes I’ve tried, etc…but you might have to wait until next week for some of them as I will be at camp from Tuesday night till Saturday.  But I have quiet book pages, diy shoes (and matching skirt), a yummy simmering scent for your house, and many more.  I might get one posted tomorrow so check back!  =)

Happy Monday Everyone!


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