Monday’s Musings

I know, I know…again, I’m writing Monday’s Musings on Tuesday.  But yesterday was a beautiful day off so who was sitting in front of the computer?  Seriously.  Yesterday was Darius’ first day going to the beach.  He LOVED it!  Until a wave went over his head, poor guy.  Scarred for life, lol. 


I love his chubby little face, hehehe.

I did quite a bit of sewing last week for a little baby girl that we all can’t wait to hold!  Little Esther Peace is wearing clothes now…it’s very exciting.  And she is almost ready to go home.  Mom snapped a picture of her wearing this cute little dress…


I realized later that the pretty green ribbon should have stopped at the top of the skirt part (oops).  I always see these things after the fact.  These little preemie clothes are so adorable.  I also had fun sewing this kimono that has snaps along the shoulders so that it can go on and off around tubes (little Esther doesn’t have any to worry about anymore, yeah).


I’ve seen material like this going around the internet on American blogs and the bloggers are all picking it up at Joann’s which we don’t have here in Canada.  One day while I was searching Atlantic fabrics I found this and totally fell in love and knew I wanted to make Esther something with it.  It turned out really cute with the green ribbon as ties.

I also made a little headband and booties to match, but her feet are so long that I think they’re too small for her already, go figure.



I love sewing baby gifts.  I’m so excited about all my friends currently pregnant because it means lots of babies to sew for!

I do not have goals set for this week and probably won’t for much of July.  It’s going to be a busy month with Family Camp next week and the first week of August.  I did not get a chance to look at Etsy last week but I am still hoping to do that.  I did get the sewing for my sister done, though.  Can’t wait to get that mailed off to her! 

When my mom came she brought me some awesome vintage material from a lady in her church there (I’m talking seriously vintage – like this lady is 90 and she’s had it for many, many years).  It is awesome.  I am hoping to get some tops done before camp starts last week.  I’m also reinventing some t-shirts that were too low and too wide.  I didn’t get a before picture of this one but here is the after…



I shirred around the neckline, arms, and waist.  It was a little too low and extremely wide.  While comfy it was not very flattering.  These pictures are not the best, but it is much better than it was.  I’m especially excited about not worrying about wearing a tanktop underneath (although I probably still will because the material is not very thick). 

Probably going to be doing some custom work for a customer this week (custom work is being taken off the list for Joyful Noise) besides finishing the tops I want and maybe (praying hard for the time) a skirt or two.

Happy Monday/ Tuesday everyone!  =)


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

  1. Love, LOVE, LOOOOOOVE, JoAnn’s!!! We have one in Bangor, and every time I go there, I spend hours in there! 🙂 My poor husband is extremely patient with me! 😉

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