Monday’s Musings

So did you all miss me?  hehehe  Probably not, I’m sure.  I sure did miss being on here.  However, blogging was not top priority last week with my mom visiting.  =)

My parents arrived in last Saturday just in time for our special Father’s Day Sunday.  It was neat to have them here for Hazen’s signing of the Courageous Resolution.  They were such a blessing to us.  Hazen’s mom and sister came up from the island and spent Saturday night and part of Sunday afternoon with us and his aunt and uncle from Dartmouth came for the Sunday morning service as well.  It was great to have our families all together and we enjoyed the most fabulous Chinese food Sunday afternoon.

Sunday night we drove my dad up to Forest Glen Bible Camp after the service.  It made for a late evening as we ended up “talking” for a bit with folks we knew before heading home. =)

My mom was such a blessing to me this week as she worked on sewing projects that I wasn’t quite sure how to do and added some sheer curtains to my living room window to help with the privacy.  We did lots of fun window shopping (and bought a few things of course).  We also were able to go to Wheatons in Berwick and enjoy a Mother/Daughter lunch (afternoon meal) while Hazen watched Darius for us.   We stopped at Frenchy’s on the way home and bought a bunch of cute things for Darius including a cute Red Sox shirt in honour of his Grampy.


Darius got lots of cuddles from his Grandparents and spent lots of time playing with them


It was a very busy week and Darius sure got lots of love and attention.  Now it’s back to Mommy and Daddy =).

So, here are my goals from the week before:


And my goals for this week:


I have been praying lots about starting an Etsy store and I have felt that the Lord might be leading me this direction as I just didn’t feel right about doing the weekly market (where I wasn’t selling anything anyway).  So I am going to be looking into that this week and trying to promote my sewing business a bit more.  I also need to update my Kijiji ads.  Those flip flops are hot items and I’m hoping to find something a little more “boy” related that is unique (any ideas? comment below).

Happy Monday Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

  1. So glad to hear you had a great time with your parents! Any pics of Father’s Day Sunday? Would have loved to have been there with you!

    • No pics yet. My sister-in-law took pics but she’s been really busy so we’re being patient. =0 Hope to see you this week!

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