Newest Beverly Lewis book out

Fiddler, The (Home to Hickory Hollow)I was so blessed to receive this copy of Beverly Lewis’ new book “The Fiddler” from Bethany House Publishers a few weeks ago.   When I saw this available for review on their website I really wanted to read it!  Most people know my love for the violin/fiddle.  This book was everything I thought it would be and MORE!

Amelia Devries is a concert violinist who plays the violin to please her father.  She loves fiddle music and the freedom it gives her to play.  On her way back from a secret fiddling concert she gets stranded in the middle of Pennsylvania country during a storm and meets a confused Amish teenager.  Amelia and Micheal enjoy a relaxed relationship as they both sort through their issues with family and God.  Amelia meets the Wise Woman in Hickory Hollow and learns a lot about her faith and her love of music.

This book had a lot of different themes running through it with the major theme being that we need to let God control our future.  Find where God wants you to be and do it with your whole heart.  I especially loved one part in the book where the Wise Woman tells Amelia that she should play her music to God, not to her father or her agent or anybody else.

I heartily recommend this book.  I think it is one of Beverly Lewis’ best books ever.  She even writes at the end that her thoughts for this book began before she even wrote any of her other books.  I was especially interested in her own personal ties to this book.  Definitely worth the read.


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