Fun and Funny Things this Week

So, I have found THE BEST spaghetti sauce recipe of all time.  Well, maybe, concocted…I don’t know…I’m sure someone somewhere has made it this way before but I haven’t seen any easy recipes like this for it floating around, so I’m going to claim rights to this one!

So, last week I decided to make spaghetti one night and realized I had no sauce.  So I thought about it for a minute and remembered that I had a can of diced tomatoes in the cupboard.  I poured them into the frying pan along with the meat I’d already fried up and stirred them together.  But it looked a little runny so I grabbed a can of tomato paste (so lucky I had this on hand because I never have tomato paste around).  The tomato paste thickened the sauce and then I decided to add some herbs.   Now this is the best thing about this recipe.  You can add whatever spices you like!  Last week I just did rosemary and thyme but this week I added garlic powder (although I want to try it with real garlic).  Yum.  It tastes so much better than canned/jarred spaghetti sauce.  Now last week I served as it, but this week I pureed the diced tomatoes first and I will admit I like them pureed much better.


Now, that was the fun thing.   Here are the funny things.  This one is for MEN.  Never, I repeat, NEVER put a tie in the wash…it will come out looking like this!


Not a pretty sight – especially when it’s your favorite tie!  Your wife will not appreciate finding it while folding clothes and she especially will not appreciate spending an hour taking it apart, ironing everything flat again, and sewing it back up!   But, it does look so perty again!


And funny thing #2…I took Darius to the library Thursday night (he was really little last time we went).  He got to play with some really cool plastic animals and Thomas trains.  He was very impressed.  Meanwhile, Mommy looked for books for him.  THIS, is what I found!


Not even kidding!  It’s a BABY Pride and Prejudice book.  HILARIOUS!   I had to bring it home and read it to him.  It’s actually a counting book based on the story.


So great:  2 rich gentlemen:  Mr. Bingley   Mr. Darcy

Ahahahahaha.  Oh my.  People are seriously grasping at straws for baby books.  But I figured, hey, I’ll give my son a bit of culture before he’s too old to realize that he doesn’t like it!  hehehehe


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