The Winner of the Giveaway

And the winner is:   Kwynne Cretzman!   

      I’ll email you and let you know the information I need so Nicole can personalize these printables for you.  Sounds like you’ve gotten a good start on organizing your home.  I started with the bathroom and have been working on the kitchen (labeling spice jars, getting rid of unused cookware, dishes, etc).  I definitely need to tackle my hall/linen closet, though.   I hope these printables help you out in the kitchen…and other places.  I love them and I haven’t even used them all yet!!!  =)    

       Thanks to the others who participated in this giveaway.  I loved the comments and I’m pretty sure Nicole enjoyed reading them as well.    Take a minute to check out her blog (lots of great tips on organization, sewing, and whole lot about her family)  A Living Sacrifice.


Happy Wednesday All!


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