Monday’s Musings: Don’t Forget About the GIVEAWAY!

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Here were last week’s goals:

ImageI know it doesn’t look like I got a lot done last week, but the bathing suit took me 90% of the week to make.  It was my first time using Olivia’s e-book from Fresh Modesty and it took a LOT of measuring and calculating to create the pattern piece for each part of the suit.  It was a lot of fun, though, and I loved the outcome.  There are a few things I want to redo before I actually wear it this summer but they shouldn’t take long to fix up!   Now I’m on to making one for my sister!  This one I’m more nervous about, as she’s not here to try it on and fit properly.  But we’ll see how it goes.  She, at least, has a sewing machine so she can fix up any parts that aren’t quite perfect when she gets it.

Here is a picture of mine.  I hate posing, but it looks better on me than it does on a hanger.

ImageThe picture is kind of grainy – I used my webcam to take it.  Some of the things I would change are: making the top and skirt the same material and the leggings a contrasting one; attaching the skirt to the shirt and adding a contrasting sash.   Not huge things, and ones I would have done if I had had enough material to begin with.  But, because I am slightly of a larger size than Olivia I never thought that I would need another 1/2 meter of material just for those added touches.  But I will know for next time.  I am going to take the skirt off the shorts and attach it to the shirt and put a proper waistband on the shorts.  I don’t like the skirt attached to them.

And here are my goals for this week:

ImageI am feeling slightly stressed this week as I anticipate my parent’s coming in from Ontario on Saturday.  I am sooooooo excited.  But we have a few things to do to make sure everything is perfect in the apartment and I have some sewing to finish up.  The dress is for Darius’ dedication on Sunday and I have to figure out what I’m going to put on him…if I want to make an outfit or just use one we have.   I also promised my sister to try and finish her swimsuit this week as I want her to be able to get the use out of it this summer.   Ahhhhh!   Yes…it will be a BUSY week.  But I’m sure everything will get done – well, except for maybe the practicing.  I have good intentions, really, I do.  But good intentions never got anyone anywhere, lol.

So a quick recap of last week:

Had an awesome dinner party with some new friends on Tuesday…Friday night we had a fellowship at the church and watched the movie Courageous.  It was an awesome time and Darius just cuddled in my lap through the whole thing.  Saturday Hazen helped me clean the apartment really well and we moved quite a bit around in preparation for family being here next week.  Then he went and bought me new dining room chairs (one of our current set had already broken on me and the creaking coming from the other three made me nervous).  So I am super excited about putting the chairs together this week.   And Darius, who is just learning and growing every day, decided to eat my pansies from Mother’s Day.  What a guy…and he thought it was the funniest thing.  I have to say I haven’t seen him giggle so much.  He was so impressed with himself.ImageThankfully there have been no ill effects from his little snack.  This week we are starting him in the play pen (up till now he has not slept in it and it’s a bit of a problem when we travel).  So in preparation for camp in July we are getting him used to sleeping in it.  His first nap in it this morning seems to be going well. =)   I don’t hear any screaming, anyway, lol.


If you haven’t yet, head over to the giveaway page and leave me a comment.  Trust me, these are awesome printables that Nicole from over at A Living Sacrifice spent a lot of time making.  They have proved very valuable in my kitchen and I love having just that tiny bit more organization in there.   You will love it, too!  So make sure to leave me a comment on that page on how you organize (or don’t organize) your kitchen.  Would love to hear from you!   And share it with all your friends!!!


4 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings: Don’t Forget About the GIVEAWAY!

  1. Emma is getting dedicated this Sunday too 🙂 its fathers day and family Sunday at our church so I thought it would be a good time to do it. Nice bathing suit :). Have a good time with your family!

    • You’ll have to post pics from the day on fb. =) We waited a while to have Darius dedicated and I’m glad because my parents are going to be in town so they’ll be able to be there. We’re having a special day at our church, too. Our pastor is doing a resolution with the men (fathers) who want to. So it will be a busy day!

  2. Love the bathing suit. What a cute style! We have modest bathing suits, too, that my mom ordered from a Christian family’s catalog.

    Is that a note pad that you use to write your weekly goals on? If so, its super cute and handy! Where did you find it?

    • Thanks…my sister and I were looking at ones online but we didn’t want to pay for them, lol. We’re cheap, hehehe. I had fun making it but I have to admit that I’m stressing a bit about my sister’s since she lives in Alberta and I can’t fit it to her. But at least she has her own sewing machine to fix anything that needs it.
      And I actually made that notepad on microsoft word, lol. I print them off in batches and keep them on my fridge. It is super cute and handy though, =)

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