Weekly Goals and the Sewing Space


Last week’s goals: So, even though I watered my plants, unfortunately, my lavender has completely keeled over and shriveled up and my mint isn’t doing too well, either.  Sigh.


I’m so excited about my sewing space.  More about that in a minute.  I have started sewing myself a modest bathing suit for the summer.  The community pool is having $3 swims this year (as opposed to $10 last year) and I really want to take Darius.  I also have some really fun ideas to help organize Darius’ room and I can’t wait to get started on them.

I began organizing the sewing room last week.  I was so excited when Hazen put up my shelves so I could put my (pinterest-inspired) boxes of material on them.  Here are the before pictures (I know…soooo bad!)



Material was EVERYWHERE!  It was a nightmare.  And, do you know that it is a proven fact that you don’t sleep well when you’re bedroom is a mess?  It’s very true, I’ve proven this fact many times, lol.  Cleaning it up makes me feel so good and I sleep so well at night.  By the way, it’s extremely hard to iron when the ironing board looks like this, lol.


I can actually play the keyboard now, yeah!  I do still have this one box of material, etc on the floor, but at least it’s contained.


Here are my shelves and boxes of material.  I even used fabric paint to label the boxes (for better organization).  I put up the little black shelf myself and it works well to hold my scissors, seam ripper, and marking pen.  Jars are my favorite to organize items like this.   I also have my bobbins, a container of small paper squares and a box with my sewing machine feet/parts in it.  There is also a candle because I love candles.


And here’s for pinterest-inspired!  I found this wooden frame at Michael’s for $1.50.  I painted it yellow and hammered some long nails all around the sides. Then I hung all my spools of thread on it.  Isn’t the picture in the middle cute?   Some of these spools are unable to be used as I recently figured out why I have so many problems with my sewing machine.  My Kenmore machine will only accept the GOOD thread (like Gutterman).  Cheap thread (like Dual Duty) plays with the tension somehow and ends up creating a host of problems.  Sigh…so some of my pretty colours of thread I can’t use.  I’ll keep them and use them for hand-sewing projects.

The second part of my “pinterest-inspired” project was the jars with buttons.  How awesome are they?  I pounded a nail through the lids of baby food jars and then used a screw to attach the lid to the shelf (FYI: you should do this BEFORE you attach the shelf to the wall…lol).  I still have some buttons to organize so I may end up adding a few more (I realized when I was finished that I had another whole bucket of buttons).  But they are all organized by colour and I love the look.

This week is going to be a busy one.  I have company coming tonight and I am trying a crockpot scalloped potatoes recipe (may post if it works).  I also may have a fun give-away to post later in the week so make sure to check back! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals and the Sewing Space

  1. Love your sewing space! I have some plans to do some things to mine….it is just a teeny-tiny corner of my bedroom, but I’m hoping to define it a little more. Having a pleasant work space is always more inspiring!

    Will you be sharing your bathing suit when its done? I’d love to see it! Are you just making it up or following a pattern?

  2. Yeah, my space is a corner of my bedroom as well. Thankfully we have large bedrooms in our apartment! Lord willing I will share my bathing suit as well. My sister and I spent a lot of time finding one that was modest and yet, stylish as well. We asked ourselves if it was something we would feel good in in public. We had found a website that had a dress style with leggings and thought it would be okay (and it had a pattern for sale). Then I found this blog called Fresh Modesty. The girl who blogs on it, Olivia, wrote an e-book on how to create your own pattern for a bathing suit. It was only $13.99 so I thought it was an amazing deal. I’ve finished the skirt and leggings for it and I am so happy with them. Tomorrow I start the shirt. She teaches you how to make your own pattern based on your measurements. She also gives you tips on how to adjust it for your own style, whether you add leggings or not, tier the skirt, make a halter-style top, a top with sleeves, a top with no sleeves, etc. Different ways of making support for the bust. She did an amazing amount of work in creating this. My only difficulty is that my sister lives in Alberta so I’m nervous about making hers to fit properly. But so far the measurements have been pretty good. Swimwear material is very forgiving. I’m enjoying the creativity of it and it’s a bit of an adventure as well. =)

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