Monday’s Musings.

Yeah for a new week.  Isn’t it exciting starting a new week?  There is so much stuff to look forward to!  I am so excited about orders coming in for Joyful Noise Studio and it’s only 3 weeks until my parents are here!!!!!  EEEkk.  Can’t wait!

So, here were last week’s goals…


It was a busy week.  Hazen took Darius and I to the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park on Monday (it seems like ages ago we went, lol).  We had a blast.  Darius loved the ducks.   Then Maritime Games and Fine Arts Festival began on Thursday at Forest Glen Bible Camp in Brookfield, NS.  I was able to go and help with registration on Thursday evening and then on Friday and Saturday doing various odd jobs for Pastor Reason.  I love working at the camp and I’m really looking forward to being there again this summer for the two family camps.

Maritime Games were so good.  I was extremely impressed with the music from Charity Baptist.  Meghan’s violin solo was great. =)   I love violin, hehe.  I’m only sorry I forgot my camera and wasn’t able to record it.  The instrumentalists from Heritage were also amazing.  The Macdonald family is quite talented.  After judging the cello solo I have decided I want a cello.  I know, I can’t even practice the instruments I already play and I want to add more to it, hehehe.  That’s me.  Ambitious.  Unfortunately, my ambitions often exceed the hours in a day.   And Heritage took home the Bible Quiz plaque once again.  I was impressed since their team was made of up of three different churches (they allowed two teens from one church and one teen from another to join so they could make up their six).  They didn’t have much time to practice together but they were good.

Well, looking towards another week I am already working on another customer order for a pair of flip flops and I have already finished my pinterest project for the week (well, actually I think I might make one more box for my shelves.  My sewing room is getting organized this week, whoot, whoot.  Got the shelves stained today and I can’t wait until they are up on the wall.  But here are my pinterest-inspired boxes for my sewing material.  Can’t wait to get it all put away.   I have 3 boxes already and I’m thinking I’m going to do another one.



Aren’t they cute?   And they go with my bedroom décor so well.  The only thing I wasn’t happy with was that the material on the sides was almost transparent when the modge podge dried.   The tutorial I followed actually spray-painted the sides but I can’t spray paint inside the apartment and we don’t really have any place I could do it outside, hence the reason I covered the sides in fabric.  You can’t tell that they’re transparent when you just glance at them, though, and really, no one looking in my bedroom would look long and hard enough at them to notice, lol.  Can’t wait to show you my sewing space before and afters.



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