I am so excited about starting a pinterest-inspired idea in Darius’ room.  It doesn’t actually have to do with organization (I know I titled this post that – I’ll get to it in a minute) but this is super exciting.  Because we live in an apartment I didn’t really want to paint Darius’ walls with characters, etc.  But I really wanted a rain forest/frog theme in his room.  I’ve been playing around with different ways of achieving this effect and haven’t really found one that I like until now.  This idea has been floating around pinterest since I joined it and I was very skeptical about it working.  But, last week I bit the bullet (as they say) and decided to try it out.  And it so worked!!!!

So, here’s what it is.  You iron fabric to your walls.  I know, weird, eh?  But I totally have this fabulous idea for ironing a whole tree and vines to one wall of his room.  I tried it out on my wall with an anchor (I want to do a nautical theme in our bedroom…although, I won’t actually use this anchor – it needs a bit of work, lol).


Isn’t that neat?  I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out exactly what I needed to use, etc.  It’s heat and bond on the back on the fabric.  I wasn’t sure if it had to be double sided or not…so I checked out the website off my pinterest board and I didn’t see where it said double-sided anywhere.  So I used my plain fabric fusing (Atlantic Fabrics brand) and it absolutely worked.  And the best part is that this peels right off the wall with no glue, no residue, nothing left behind.  You do need to be careful not to leave your iron the wall for very long as you will probably ruin your paint with the heat, but it just takes about 5 seconds for it to bond to the wall.  I love it!

Now, when it comes to organization, I love it!  But in this small apartment, it has not been easy.  I am currently trying to organize my sewing stash, and believe me, it is a monumental task!  I have fabric scraps from here to beyond that I’m sure I can use for something, someday (been there?).  And then I have outfits actually cut out, ready to sew, and just no motivation…and then I have the brand new material that I’ve bought for projects that need to be completed like ASAP.  So, I am using the big cereal boxes from Costco and I am going to cover them with fabric scraps (see, they do come in handy, lol).   I was able to pick up a cheap pine board for $7 at Kent a week ago and Hazen cut it in half (well, one piece is actually shorter than the other – per my instructions).  I just need to stain it (was going to paint it but husband asked me to stain it) and then my wonderful husband is going to screw them into the wall for me.  Then my fabric will be off the floor (o, horrid mess that is now) and my bedroom will be walkable again!!  I’m soooo excited.   Well, it is very late, and I need to go to sleep.

So excited about Maritime Games starting tomorrow night.  I’ll give you all an update on how they go come Saturday (or Sunday if I’m too tired Saturday).   Have a great end of the week everyone!


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