Monday’s Musings

I think I love Mondays.  Have I ever said that?  I love how it’s the beginning of a week and all the mistakes of last week are gone.  It’s the book of Genesis over and over.  It seems so fresh and new.  I just love Monday!

I have been challenged, though, over the past weeks, to set myself goals weekly.  I’m not so good at daily goals but I have decided to try and work on weekly goals for myself.  Part of it is because I really feel the need to practice my music more (piano and violin) and part is because I usually start Mondays with a list of things I want to do in the week and then totally forget what they are by Tuesday.  (yup, it’s that forgetter again).

So I have decided to set myself weekly goals and I will share them with you each Monday (this is actually taken from Nicole’s blog, A Living Sacrifice – thanks for the idea Nicole!).   Here are this week’s goals.


So I have already done a pinterest project this week (but I’m not sure I should share it as it is a gift for someone) and went for a wonderful walk today at the wildlife park in Shubenacadie (my wonderful husband took us.)

And I’m not necessarily cleaning my apartment FOR the ladies’ missionary meeting as I clean my apartment every week, BUT, it will be a better clean than normal, lol.

Plus, we have Maritime Games this week so I’m not sure the sewing and crocheting will get done.  For those who don’t know Maritime Games and Fine Arts Festival is put on by Forest Glen Bible Camp where I work each summer.  It’s a place where kids from all over Nova Scotia can get together to compete in sports and fine arts (like singing, piano, recitations, and arts).   It is a lot of fun!

A wonderful week planned, though.  Very excited to see friends on at Maritime Games that I haven’t seen in AGES!!!!  But, I am tired after a wonderful day at the wildlife park and tutoring tonight so I will sign off.  Have a wonderful night all!


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

  1. Oh yay, glad you will be at the Maritime Games! We’re headed up tomorrow to help get ready.

    Oh, and I’m also glad you’ve been inspired to set weekly goals! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

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