Boys Clothing

So, I have been searching and searching the internet for cute little boys clothing that I could copycat and make for my little man.  There is lots of “cute” things out there, I won’t deny.  I love seeing Darius all dressed up in a dress shirt (that I figured out how to make and may work on an e-pattern) with a tie that I made.  I’ve even gotten lots of rave reviews about my vests and my perfect onesies.  But I really want unique.  And I don’t see a lot out there.  It’s very sad.  They wear the same basic pant, the same basic t-shirt, even the same (ugly) basic sunhat.  I am really not a big fan of sunhats.  I know Darius will end up wearing them because he has some that match his outfits – and to me, matching is cute.  I know there is also a practical side to sunhats as they cover their little necks so they don’t get sunburned – hence, Darius will probably wear them.   But I do love, love, love baseball hats.  I adore them!  I saw one at Frenchy’s the other day and tried very hard to squish Darius’ head into it (it was very small) and he protested very loudly.  So it went back into the bin.  I also like the Al Capone style (I don’t know what it’s called) that has popped up all over the internet lately – however, you can’t sew those – although, I suppose you could…hmm, may have to work on that one.  And there’s my Sherlock Holmes hats (my dad’s name for them).  I like them but they are a PAIN to make…still haven’t perfected the pattern.

Well, in my frustration I returned once again to the internet hoping against hope that things had changed and there were some really unique clothes out there for little boys (there are THOUSANDS of websites devoted to little girl clothing, people – THOUSANDS!!!!).  And I came up with squat diddly.  I was so sad, and sniffed a few times before I decided, hey, why did I start sewing in the first place?  Because I wanted my little man to be Cauuuute!  Yes, that is a word.

However, little boys are held back A LOT because there are not a lot of really cute prints out there for boy’s clothing.  I mean, seriously people, material is made with little girls in mind.  SO NOT FAIR.   I have to admit that some of the material I’ve used for vests, etc…was actually (shhh) silk).  Like 45% silk.  I haven’t personally tried washing it and I recommend you don’t put it in the dryer…but it is so not kid-friendly. Sigh. 

I am not going to give up, though.  I am so determined to make unique.  I happened to catch the finale episode of Fashion Star online this morning (never heard of it before).  And there was one guy who was designing men’s clothing.  So cute!  I was inspired.  Now all I need to do is get to work.  =)

And, a post wouldn’t be complete without a picture.  I meant to add this to yesterday’s post and published it before I remembered.  This is my practice dress that I made a couple weeks ago.  It was actually extremely easy (the darts in the front took the longest) and I loved the final look.  It has a LOT of mistakes so don’t judge me too harshly – it was a first time people.  I’ve never really used a big person’s pattern (okay, so I’ve never really used a pattern at all – maybe like twice in my whole life).  But I managed to fix all my mistakes with cool ideas (so there!) except for the one biggie of the seam down the middle of the front bodice (oops, I’ll try cutting on the fold next time, lol).  But the pattern was really easy to follow and even had instructions on how to fit the tissue paper pattern pieces to yourself before cutting material (and even though I had no clue what I was doing, it worked!) BIG GRIN.  Can’t wait to make the “real” dress from this practice one.  Although I’m thinking of making a few changes, we’ll see.


Yikes!  It’s really wrinkled (that was from being balled up in the bottom of a little bag for the car ride home on Sunday, oops).  The bottom is a green shantung (which is not extremely kid-friendly as I found out later – maybe I should take a course on material, lol).  and the top is just a really cheap cotton.  The top is lined but the bottom isn’t.  The sleeves have a ruffly look to them (because of a big mistake) but they actually look kinda cute.  This isn’t the greatest picture but hopefully my next dress I’ll get a picture in.  It has a bit of a vintage feel to it and I’m really feeling that style this year.  I like that look. 


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