Monday’s Musings on Tuesday

I admit that I did not post this yesterday…I was not busy, well, in a way I was, lol.  I was hooked on Pinterest yesterday.  I found some really neat sewing patterns and organizational tips for our home.  Soooo excited.  I’m hoping to get some of these projects done this week and I’ll share a pinterest post next week.

So, I writing about my weekend today instead of yesterday.  This weekend was awesome.  We were able to get down to the island to see Hazen’s mom for Mother’s Day.  It was really nice.  So Saturday morning I ran to the market very early and grabbed some fresh flowers for her.  And my husband being the wonderful man he is told me to pick some for myself (if anyone ever wants to buy me a gift – FRESH FLOWERS PLEASE!!!).  They were beautiful, although a little disappointing as one of my gerbers pretty much died just over the weekend (so sad).


Aren’t they gorgeous though?

Then we flew down to the island so I could attend a luncheon at the church with his mother. (yes, we flew, lol)  It was so nice.  Mrs. Garren (pastor’s wife from Lockeport) spoke.  It was on God’s handiwork and she had an awesome devotional for us while we sat in the church surrounded by quilts brought in by the church ladies.  The place was packed!  It was really nice.

Hazen then took me into town for a little date and we stopped at this bargain shop advertising material.  We were able to pick up a polka dot print for a tag blanket for a customer and Hazen picked out a tool material for a sheet for Darius’ bed.


Darius had some issues sleeping Saturday night so Sunday was a very long day…but we managed to get through it and I received this wonderful pansy planter from the church.


Yesterday I painted this planter brown and two of my herb pots a white (with a tint of blue that you can’t really see).


Aren’t they pretty?  They colour coordinate with my livingroom now…yeah!

AND, I found this neat idea online that I pinned yesterday for making your own hanger for a planter.  We have a hook on our living room ceiling and I’ve wanted to hang one of my pots for like forever.  Now I can!


So pretty in the corner.  I am so looking forward to doing some more pinterest-inspired ideas.

Have a wonderful week all!


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings on Tuesday

    • I am so addicted this week! I can’t seem to stay off it, lol. Sooo bad. In one sense I feel like I’m wasting so much time, but on the other hand I’m getting so many awesome ideas. I started writing them down in a notebook today so I can go shopping for supplies. Some really good secret sister ideas, too. I can’t wait to share. =)

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