This morning I was looking up a website on modest bathing suits as my sister and I are hoping to make them (my sister wants me to make hers, lol) for the summer.  I wanted to order the pattern (I rarely do that) so that I could be sure we get the right fit.

While in the midst of hopping around looking at random websites associated with this swimsuit I came across the blog of a 19-yr old girl who is so open about wanting to be modest and on fire for God.  I clicked through her sewing blog and then over to her main blog, Fresh Modesty.  The post I read made me ponder why I am a blogger and what I am portraying to others around me.

I’d already been thinking about this very topic because of an earlier post from another blog of a person who had quit blogging.  They had stopped blogging because they were more focused on finding cool things to blog about than they were in taking care of their house.  I was a little convicted (not that that is my reason for blogging) but someone had been asking me recently how I find so much time to sew when she can barely get her household chores done.  And I had to admit to her that my sewing usually takes precedence over house-hold chores.  So the past two weeks I have really been working on that, to change it.  I don’t want my husband coming home to a dirty house just because I feel the need to sew (I love to create – especially cool, modest clothing that I feel comfortable in).

But, do I honestly portray the real me in my blog?  I hope I do!  I try to be open and honest.  I’m not going to air all my dirty laundry, but I’m not perfect (as yesterday’s post attested to, lol).

Anyway, here’s a link to this wonderful, insightful post on honesty.   I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


2 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Thanks for the note and the website. We saw something similar and had considered buying them off another website. However, I was able to find an e-book pattern for half the price of a regular swimsuit pattern and with the cost of material at our fabric store it is much cheaper for me to make them. They style is a little different, too, in the e-book pattern and my sister and I both liked it better. Although the swim dresses are nice. Thanks for sharing your note!

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