I am not a writer (I love to write but I know I’m not the best at it).  Neither am I an English professor (although, to be honest, I always wanted to be).  But one thing that irks me to the bone, is books that are not proofread properly (edited) before publication.  I have read books before that have had issues, but I have to say the one I am currently reading takes the cake.

Now I understand that books that are input in the computer for Kindle readers, etc, may not be edited after they are put in digital form, but still.  It’s pretty bad when entire words are missing, just the “’s” that should be at the end of it is inserted on the page.  Spelling mistakes, etc.  It’s extremely bothersome!!!

My favorite books to read are the classics like Jane Eyre, or anything by Charles Dickens.  I love the classics.  And if you ever notice one thing about the classics, it’s that so much care was put into publishing a book that it is extremely rare to find a mistake.  Oh, if only that care were taken today.  Instead too many authors of “fluff” are being allowed to write books and there are so many books being published that enough care cannot be given to edit them properly.  Sigh…Oh for a classic!

I know this is a bit of a rant, but it’s a pet peeve of mine.  I don’t have many that bother me enough to write a blog post about, lol.  The only other time I wrote about a pet peeve was in college when we had to write a speech on one.  At that point my biggest pet peeve was people who sniff.  And if you ask the students I taught for two years, they’ll tell you it still is! hehehe   But the above probably comes in a close second.

Have a wonderful day all!  And PROOFREAD PROOFREAD PROOFREAD!


8 thoughts on “Classics

  1. I proofread your post.. and found a few mistakes!!! ahahahaha 🙂 I need to go proofread my posts now just in case 😉
    I definitely get your pet peeve! It’s one of mine as well. And my students “hate” me for it 🙂

  2. I know! I always find mistakes in my posts after I post them…and it bugs me to death! Hence the reason I said I’m not an author or an English professor. But I guess the pet peeve is because I pay good money to read these books…No one pays to read my blog, lol

  3. True! No one wants to spend money just so they can read poor English!! 🙂 Do you remember those Mandy books? I used to cringe every time the maid spoke in the book, lol.

  4. I remember you hated to hear us sniff. You got so annoyed at it that you bought a kleenex box and put it on you desk so we wouldn’t have an excuse. =D

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