Barefoot Sandals

I just finished these and wanted to post them to get some feedback.  For those of you who don’t know what barefoot sandals are, they are sandals that have no feet in them.  So if you go to the beach you can still embellish the top of your foot while walking barefoot in the sand.  I think they’re pretty cool for walking around the house in, too.

Now, these ended up turning into two different styles even though I used the same pattern for a few reasons.  You guys can tell me what you like the best.  I’m also going to try reworking these with bigger stitches so they are a little more lacey looking.


The one on the right foot was made from crochet thread (what the pattern called for).  I added the beads because I thought they would make it look a little prettier.  However, I don’t really like it with the thread because it made up very wide by the time I got to the ankle part (you start at the toe and work up).  I had to add the ties around the ankle that actually wrap under my foot in order to make it sit right for the picture.  I used the right hook size and thread so I’m not sure why that happened.  It is very comfortable to wear, though.  I actually find it a little more comfortable than the left.

However, the left is still pretty okay to wear.  They’re definitely not annoying me, which I had thought they might since I don’t usually wear toe rings, etc.  The left foot is made from elastic thread (I saw a number of people blogging about how they made these years ago with their grandmothers out of elastic thread).  I like it because it sits tight on my foot and I don’t have to have the ties.  Ties around the ankle tend to make plump people look even plumper (and shorter) – not cool.  The left feels slightly tighter which actually makes it feel more secure.  The crochet thread is so loose it feels like it’s going to fall off my foot.  So…I may try again with the crochet in a different pattern but I definitely think the elastic thread is a great choice.

What do you all think?


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