Monday Musings

Last week I didn’t post much, if anything, lol.  It was a busyish week.  I was getting ready for a market on Saturday.  The market was fun.  I met some interesting people but I didn’t sell anything.  It wasn’t a total failure, though.  I have someone else promoting my sewing items next weekend for me since I can’t be back at the market…AND, the manager is giving me my table for free the following weekend.  I’m hoping he’s going to start setting up tables outside as I think that would draw in more business.  I did enjoy it even though it wasn’t as profitable as it could have been.

It was even nicer to come home and find my husband and baby both happy. =)Image

 No stress day for them.  Daddy even did the dishes, a load of laundry, and swept the floor.  Darius decided not to take a nap in the afternoon and Hazen had just put him back to bed when I got home.  He heard my voice so he started crowing (that’s about the only way to describe his noises, lol).  When I went in the bedroom he had the biggest grin on his face…melt you heart.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day at church.  Hazen preached all the services as the pastor is away on holiday.  We had a family from PEI over for lunch and it was a lot of fun.  Hazen and I really enjoyed getting to know them.  I had the amazing privilege of visiting 26 wk old Esther in the hospital when I drove her mother back after lunch.  What an awesome experience seeing this little life.  Thinking back to when Darius was still growing inside me it made it so real, how formed he was.  How can someone who sees these little lives every day not believe in God?  I am still in awe.

This week I have a couple of orders to complete and that is about it.  I’m hoping to try crocheting some flip flops for myself and a pair of barefoot sandals (do you all know what they are?  cute little things…hope I can post pictures).

And I need to get back on the ball with recipes!  Yum…so many good things.

Happy Monday everyone!


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