Recipe and Sneak peek

I promised a recipe today and here it is!  I totally had a different recipe in mind but after eating dinner tonight I knew I had to post this one!

I found a blog last week that I have really enjoyed…and the actual post that first drew me in was this fabulous Fast Pizza Dough.  And boy is is fast!   I hardly had to do a thing!  And I’ve never had pizza dough turn out this well!  I won’t actually write the recipe out on here because you all need to check out this blog Modern Christian Woman.  I have really enjoyed what I’ve read and I really like that she replies to each and every comment that people post.  That makes people feel special.   So enjoy that pizza dough and maybe you can start a new tradition of making home-made pizza each week.

(Oh, and the toppings I used tonight were ground beef, onion, green pepper, and tomato on one with parmesan and mozzarella cheese – and the other traded the tomato for mushrooms (because the dough recipe makes 2 pizzas!)

And I am almost ready for my big bathroom reveal.  I had a few set-backs this week that really set me back.  Man…talk about being stretched.

So the big oopsey happened on Monday.   I went to take that nasty old towel rack off the wall like I had told you all I wanted to do.  I assumed that it was like any other “old-school” towel rack and that the two end pieces sat on top of a metal piece that was screwed into the wall.  So I tugged and tugged on the end piece trying to get it “off” the metal.  Suddenly an entire piece of the wall came out with the towel rack.  Who knew that REALLY “old-school” towel racks were plastered right into the wall!!!!   Yes…even the guys at the hardware store didn’t know what to make of it…so off I went to purchase a container of plaster so I could plaster the towel rack back in (I didn’t feel like making two holes trying to pull the other end out).  Then I had to repaint the wall…   I forgot to get a picture of the hole…but here it is all plastered up.


So then I put a second coat of white paint on the tiled part that had been previously painted and today I started the task of coating it with polyurethane (supposed to harden it so you can wash it).  Yup…well, coat number one went on pretty okay.  I was thinking this was pretty cool.  Coat number 2 was done a little quickly as I had a little man playing in the living room and I don’t like leaving him alone.  Well, when I went back after it had dried there were all these drips that had turned an amber colour (a hazard as stated on the can).  Sigh…so, pull out the white paint and touch up those spots (my father would laugh at me if he saw how bad it looked) and tomorrow I will have to reapply the polyurethane.  On the upside, it actually does harden…pretty cool.  Lovely amber drips…


I know the wall doesn’t look white but it’s just the lighting.  So my last two concerns are to re-caulk the sink area and possibly the tub (if my husband will help me out – I can’t seem to get the caulking to come out of the tube – and, yes, I know you have to cut the end off, I’ve used it before – thanks guys!)…and put up the shelf over the towel rack so it mostly hides that nasty REALLY old-school towel rack.  Sigh.  This apartment is going to look amazing when I’m done!  hehehe


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