20 Minute Skirt and other happenings

I like comfy skirts to hang around in and currently I only have one that really fits comfortably.  So, this last week I was determined to finish a skirt that I’ve been wanting to make for a while.  It’s jean – so very durable.  I wasn’t in the mood, though, to go into this big project of zippers/buttons, etc.  So, I have labeled this the 20-minute skirt.

ImageI used a skirt from my closet that had a shape similar to what I wanted I wanted and measured out the seam lines to cut my material (making the bottom of the skirt out of the selvedge).  Then I took a jersey knit and fitted it around my hips (where I like my skirts to sit).  I made the jersey into one round tube and sewed up the seams on my skirt.  I attached the jersey to the skirt pulling the jersey taught so it fit all the way around.  And voila!   Done.  There is no hem, because the selvedge acts as a unique hem (it won’t fray) and that is always the longest part of sewing for me.  And it’s an extremely comfy skirt.

Keep in mind a few things when sewing:

1. ALWAYS wash your material before starting (as I have learned the hard way it WILL shrink!)

2. Make sure the jersey is pretty tight where you want it to sit.  You don’t want the natural pull of the jean (or other material) to pull it off…it’s very frustrating to be having to constantly hike your skirt up when out in public (store-bought ones are often this way)

3. Taper your skirt at the top if you don’t want tucks in your skirt.  As you can see in the picture because the jersey is smaller than the waistline of the skirt it ends up with some bubbling.  Now, because I didn’t wash the material before-hand it actually looked worse than it does now.  But, if you find this to be true, you can always take in the side seam.   I made my jersey a little long so I fold it over and it make the bubbles smooth out a bit when I’m wearing it.


In other happenings in our house, I have begun growing herbs.  I started on Saturday with the end of a green onion.  I wanted to try out something I had seen on Pinterest about regrowing fruits and vegetables from ones you’ve eaten.  Already I have 3 shoots coming from my little white piece and they are varying heights from an inch to 3 inches.  Very cool.  This is a picture from a few days ago.  It literally seems to grow right before your eyes…I’ve never seen anything grow that fast!Image

And, Hazen took me to the market on Saturday and bought me two herb pots: one was orange mint and the other was lavender.  I can’t wait for the lavender to start flowering

Yesterday, I made the yummiest chicken wings from a new recipe and used real garlic for the first time ever!  So yummy…will pass on that recipe tomorrow! =)

Working on ever so much more stuff.  A bit more sewing this week than last.  Added a few boy onesies to Joyful Noise Studio on Facebook.

Better run now because the little man is getting a little cranky!  Time for a mum mum…yum!


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