Momma with a Power Tool

I am a decorating diva.  I love to paint walls, put up shelves, do neat things to spaces, etc.  But, up to this point, I have slightly held back by having no power tools.  I mean, it’s really hard to drive a screw into a bathroom door (those things are SOLID!).  I did it, with no amount of pushing and prodding (and they’re not quite flush so my towel hook moves a bit).  Well, one of the last things I wanted to do in the bathroom was put up a shelf but I knew it couldn’t be done without a power tool…so I begged Hazen to bring his mother’s drill back from the island every time we visited (3 times in the last 3 months) and every time we’d get home and he would realize he had forgotten it (it didn’t matter how many times we reminded him while down there!).   So a while back some friends of ours told us about this nifty mechanical screwdriver that does just everything a drill will (except actually build a house, hehehe).  But they recommended that we wait until it went on sale (as it retails at $40 and apparently can reach a sale price of $16.99).  So we watched and watched for it to go on sale and never saw it in the paper.  This past weekend I said to Hazen that maybe we should go and just check in the store, because sometimes there is stuff on sale that is not in the paper.  So we went and, guess what!  It was on sale (not for $16.00) but still it was half price which for me was a steal…now I get to put up my shelf!  (of course I have to buy the lumber first).

ImageThis is the greatest tool!  It fits in the palm of your hand and is so easy to control.  I am so excited to use it!

And, I got to try it out with the new dresser my husband bought me as a mother’s day gift.  How cool is that?   I haven’t had a dresser since we got married.  We had one that was really big and bulky and it only fit Hazen’s t-shirts (the drawers were really narrow).   We’ve been looking for one but just haven’t seen anything that looks nice for the price we wanted to pay.  Until now.  While checking out the paper for the above hand tool…Hazen saw a wicker basket dresser advertised for $100 off!   I would never over $200 for a dresser (I’m cheap) so when Hazen offered to buy it at the sale price, I, of course, was super excited!  So Monday night he brought it home and yesterday I got to pull out my power tool and put it together.  Imagine my dismay when, after it was all together, I tried to put the basket drawers in and realized that the middle section was UPSIDE DOWN!  Ack!  But I had to leave it as I had other things to do yesterday (like teach violin, etc).  So this morning I was able to pull it all apart and put it back together in like 20 minutes (whew!).   And now it is all set up with my clothes neatly put away (soooo exciting).   And it really adds some dimension to our bedroom (which up till now has looked pretty blah).

ImageYay!  The baskets are all put together (this was a very new experience for me!)

ImageOf couse Darius had to get in on the action.  He’s going to be such a great helper when he gets older. =)

ImageAnd voila!  The finished product.  I did not take pictures of it upside down (although I’m sure that would have amused you all) but I rarely take pictures of my mistakes for posterity, hehehe.

Isn’t it pretty?  I’m one pretty blessed momma.


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