Monday Musings

This last week was a busy with doctors appointments and visits with friends.  Whew…I am so blessed!  On Tuesday night I went to Starbucks (whoot, whoot) with a girl that’s been attending our church off and on for the past year (she’s attending university here).  She is from Ontario (quite close to where I’m from) so it was nice to visit with a touch of home. =)  It was also a huge blessing because Wednesday at prayer meeting she accepted Christ as her Saviour.  The angels in Heaven couldn’t rejoice more than I am!

Thursday, my friend Elisabeth came over and visited for a few hours and the kids enjoyed playing with Darius’ noisy toys, hehehe.  Darius enjoyed interacting with them and they had great fun trying to put his soother back in his mouth.

On Friday, I got to visit for an hour with a friend that moved away last year.  Jenn and her son Micheal came back from Newfoundland for the week and I know I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed seeing her!  Her and Tim are so missed!!!  But Michael and Darius got to play trains together.  They were so cute!ImageImage

On Saturday, Elisabeth’s kids came over for a couple of hours again while their parents had a meeting.  It was so beautiful that we were able to sit outside for 40 minutes and just enjoy the sunshine and the grass.  It was Darius’ first time on grass and I’m not sure how much he enjoyed it.  The grassy section in between our buildings is on a bit of a hill and the poor guy tried so hard to crawl back onto the blanket but only succeeded in going farther down the hill.  He was not impressed. =)  But I don’t think he actually minded the feel of the grass.


That night we got to enjoy a wonderful barbeque at JD and Amber’s out in Mt. Uniake.  JD’s parents came (Hazen used to work with JD and his father, Jonathan, was Hazen’s employer) and it was nice catching up and visiting with them and their two little ones.  It was truly one of those weeks where you realize how much God has blessed you with.  Good friends are often rare.

Sunday was a wonderful day in church with lots of visitors.  We had a pastor and his family (son/daughter-in-law) visiting from PEI.  The daughter’s baby was born at 23 weeks and is at the IWK right now, please pray for this little baby, Esther Peace.  They said this week will be a critical one for the baby’s survival.  We also had a couple from down Yarmouth way visiting.  It was a packed church and the singing was amazing!

Darius and I wore our Easter outfits and got Liz to take pictures for us.  My shirt wasn’t ready last week so I didn’t get to wear it, but Darius was definitely sporting…isn’t he just adorable?  He didn’t have his hat on…but we’ll get pictures of that sometime.

ImageHe doesn’t really look impressed in this picture but it was the best of the ones we took, sigh.  I love bright colours on him…and wearing the black underneath just makes him seem to pop!  I could kiss that face forever! hehehe

And that was our week in a nutshell (although I have to say it was a very big nutshell, hehehe).  I can’t wait to see what this week brings.  I might have to post pictures of the sleeper I finished for a customer this week…hmm…and maybe a recipe…I gotta dig through my stash and see what I have.  Ohh, I know what recipe I can post.  I made Hazen this chocolate chip coffee cake on Saturday…oh my, wayyyy too much sugar.  He’s eating it, not me, =).   But I did have a piece…so yum!  Look for that one this week.  You just might have to try it. =)


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