I promised to post about the sewing project I had undertaken for myself and I have finished it!  Yeah…I think it actually turned out.  There are a few little things that I could have done differently but it works and is wearable.  So what do you think?


I am in love with the peasant look right now and I really want to make more of these for the summer in a variety of materials.  I have one that I got when I was pregnant that I want to alter, too.  It was took big when I was pregnant, lol, but I didn’t have the energy last year to alter it…so I’m hoping I can do it this year and wear it (not pregnant, hehehe).

ImageI also spent some time this week working on a diaper bag for Darius.  My mom gave me one when Darius was first born but it got a whole in it and I’m not sure how to fix it (it’s the material) so I’m waiting for my mom to come and get her help with it, but until then…  So I had started using this laptop bag that had pink butterflies on it (poor Darius)… then this past weekend I pulled out an old back pack (camo..oh yeah) and the zipper broke on it.  Sigh…I’m fated with diaper bags.  So I decided that I was just going to go ahead and plunge in and make one.  I had some desert camo material and regular camo that I had just enough material to make the bag and pockets.  I was adamant about pockets.  I looked at a number of tutorials but was too awed by all the measuring, etc…that I x’d those windows very quickly (after I had pinned a few).  I don’t measure.  I find measuring boring, lol…and not doing it often gets me in trouble, hehehe.  Anyhoo.. I rather like the finished product.  It’s very handy to carry…although the bottle pockets are a bit small one of them actually works.  There’s a pocket for my wallet, cell phone, kleenex, etc on the outside.  I wanted pockets that I could put my stuff in and find it easily.  On the inside I have pockets for his extra soothers, his medicines (teething, etc), and anything else I might want to put in.  There is also a divider in the middle (although I will never do that again) so I can separate things in the main section.  I also made a diaper carry so I can always see my diapers and how many I have (hopefully will keep me from forgetting diapers on a day trip again!).   Enjoy the pictures.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageAnd voila!  I love sewing…but this project took way too long…I don’t know if I’d go into business making them, I like short term projects, lol.


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