Monday Musings

So I know this isn’t Monday…but I should have written it Monday so it’s still getting called that, lol.

Our Easter weekend was amazing.  Friday we enjoyed the morning together with a leisurely breakfast and then some date time while Baby slept.  It was so nice and relaxing.  We haven’t done that in ages…seems like Saturday mornings are always busy.  After Baby woke, we packed the car and headed down to Cape Sable Island.  We enjoyed a wonderful barbeque at Hazen’s Uncle Jeff’s along with his other uncle and his wife.  It was so nice to seem them again and it was the first time Uncle Richard had seen Darius.  Of course, Darius stole the show…the little actor. =)

Saturday, Molly, Mom, and I went to Yarmouth for a girls’ morning of shopping.  Soooo fun!  Darius was sooo good the whole time we were gone.  We even got to stop for Chinese food for lunch…ummm.

Sunday started off with a pancake breakfast at New Testament Baptist Church (the Hawk – they have the same name as our church here in Halifax).  It was very good and I got to spend some time chatting with a friend, which is always nice.  I also managed to pick up some sewing business when they realized I had completely made Darius’ outfit, sans the pants, lol.  Pastor Lavender gave a great message in Sunday School, but I’m sad to say that I missed hearing the choir sing in the morning service as poor Darius had a melt down in the nursery. =(

Molly cooked us a full turkey dinner for lunch and we got to share it with Uncle Jeff and his family.  His daughter Jade made the most wonderful Easter egg cake…with a yoke in the center!  His wife and daughter are very creative with baking.  It was so sweet!  I just wanted to eat all the eggs that she had used to decorate with (chocolate eggs, lol).

Hazen preached Sunday night and packed the house out!  Sooo many people came out to hear him preach, it was such a blessing.  The men in the church were joking that Hazen needed to come back more often to fill the church. =)  And my husband preached such a  powerful message…the Spirit of the Lord was in that place, there is no doubt.

I didn’t get too many pictures this weekend…so terrible.  But hopefully Molly will share hers, hehehe.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I’m hoping to have a new recipe this week and possibly even a new sewing project that I’ve been working on – for MYSELF!  =)   If it doesn’t look good it’s not getting posted, lol.   I am totally excited about getting some onesies done up…found so many of them, sooo cheap!  Yeah!  Very excited about getting some made.  Oh, and that market I totally wanted to go to doesn’t really look like it would be a good spot so I’m looking into other options right now.  =P  I will get out, though!  =)  Gave away one of my onesies this weekend to a new little baby and the mom loved the idea!  So that is a good thing.  =)   Love getting feedback.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Wow! Sounds like it was great indeed 🙂 I want to see the item for yourself!!! If it doesn’t work just don’t model it 😉 We all make mistakes and learn from others’ mistakes 😀 That was way too insightful for this morning hahaha! Now for chocolate milk and off to get ready for school! Have a great day dear 🙂

    • Hah! At least it’s not actually Monday – that would be wayyy too insightful for a Monday morning, lol. Have a great day, too! =)

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