Our Life

What a busy week/weekend it has been for us.  All three of us came down sick this past week and it was a little rough going for a bit.  Darius is definitely cutting teeth at this point and it’s not pretty…=P    =)    My baby is such a happy fellow most of the time that I hate seeing him sad.  I did get some cute pictures of him.  He has decided that paper is his new best friend.  And he is absolutely in love with food!  Of any kind…lol.  He gets so upset now when we’re eating dinner because he wants to eat what we’re eating (not happening yet bud!).  He usually gets one of his “snacks” to eat while we’re eating and he sits up so nice in his high chair.  We LOVE his high chair. =)

Saturday we went to the island to visit with Hazen’s family.  His brother was in for the week from Alberta.  I had never met him so it was nice to finally be able to do so and for him to see Darius as well.  We got some family pictures done and Aunt Molly and Nannie were able to have some time with the baby.  Even Uncle Jeff, Aunt Sheryl, and cousin Jade came over for some play time with Darius (well, they came to see Uncle Kenny – but hey, bonus!).   We had a good time but it was a long day driving 3 hours down there and 3 hours back.

I felt so bad for Hazen on the drive home.  The police were really out in full force last night.  I have never seen so many cop cars (and different cars…suvs, etc) on that highway!  Well, I think we had just passed Shelbourne and we passed a police car just sitting on the opposite side of the road.  Just after we passed the car made a u-turn and started following us, which would put anyone under stress.  But Hazen was doing the speed limit (at that point in time, whew!) so he had nothing to worry about it.  However, if you know that stretch of highway, it goes down to 80km and then it hits 60km…well, we hit the 80 section and Hazen started to sweat.  “I’ve never gone this slow in this part!” he complained.  I started to laugh so hard.  I’ve never seen him sweat like that before.  Then we hit the 60 and, oh my, I thought I was going to bust my buttons!  He couldn’t handle it.  Eventually he pulled off and let the policeman go past, lol.  I kept telling him that the policeman was probably getting a good chuckle out of it and that as soon as Hazen got out of the way he’d be gone (how many cops actually go the speed limit?).   Sure enough, as soon as Hazen let him go past he was out of sight!  Poor Hazen.  It was quite funny, though.

Well, our car is finally going in tomorrow to get fixed and I am so happy about that!  Praying that we don’t get in any more accidents this year.  I hope you all have a good week.  I’m hoping for a recipe this week and maybe some more pics of diy projects.  hmm…we’ll have to see. =)

                                          He loves to read!                                           Hazen’s Birthday Dinner at Athens


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