Doings this last week

So, I didn’t do a ton of sewing this last week.  It was very busy with a sick little boy, but I did get some done.  I’ve mostly been working on a onesie (my own pattern) and a sleeper (Kwik Sew pattern).   The onesie looks a little freaky…but usually when I make my own the first one doesn’t turn out anyways, so I was expecting that.  The sleeper turned out a little better…I think it’s still too big for the little boy it’s destined for, but now that I’ve figured out the pattern (it was not a Kwik sew for me) it should be quicker from now on.  For being a Kwik Sew pattern it did take me a few hours to figure out.  I wasn’t impressed.  There were one or two things that I nearly cried over because I couldn’t figure out what was meant (but I think that has more to do with my hormones right now than with the pattern).  I did eventually figure out what I was supposed to and I think the final product looks pretty good.   I do have to admit that a serger is in order if I continue to work with jersey knits.  I love the material, but my sewing machine does NOT!

I also got some time to put together a couple of dresses, a little pair of pants, and two vests.  I don’t know when I’m going to get the time to do a market, but I want to!!!   So I am putting together a small rubbermaid container of items.  I have a number of dresses already, actually.  These particular ones are tie-dyed with raw edges.  I LOVE raw edges.  I know it tends to fray more, but I just like the natural look of them.  I think that’s why I’m so in love with jersey knit…you don’t have to finish the edges because they don’t fray.  So here are the cute tie-dyed clothes I made this week.  There are actually two dresses so you could make your girls match…newborn – 6mo and size 1-2…and the pants (perfect for the beach) are newborn to 3mo.

These vests are so cute!  They are about 5mo – 9mo.  I love the blue colours.  I like the large chess look of the blue and brown (one of my favorite colour combinations) but I am also in love with the tweed that has a gorgeous blue stripe running through it.  I haven’t decided which one to put Darius in for Easter…I’m leaning towards the tweed, though. =)

And that is about where I am at for this week.  I have a few projects for this coming week as I want to make Darius a hat for Easter.  I realized this morning as I was getting him ready for church that none of his hats fit anymore!  When did that happen?  So I will probably make a hat to match that tweed vest…although I have some really pretty satin that I want to make into a vest and it would look nice, too…hmmm…what to do, lol.  =)   And I have a few other projects that I want to get done up.  I have a whole basket of items cut out ready to sew…well, they’re not all cut out…but I have the material ready to cut…and I really want to make a whole whack of those tag teethers (for when I’m actually able to get a table at a market)…but we’ll see how this week goes.  Tomorrow is cleaning day since we were away on Saturday.  Yeah!  =)


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