I have a really hard time getting out of bed lately.  I’m not one to sleep late (I mean 9 is late to me), but I actually do enjoy getting up earlier.  When we were first married I used to get up with Hazen and we read the Bible together before he went to work and then I had some health issues so I would sleep later.  Since I’ve had Darius I’ve had a lot of days where I am up with Hazen (or before), but lately the little man has been sleeping later, so I have been as well.

For some reason, this morning I was awake when Hazen left and just couldn’t sleep anymore (even though I am still tired).  My big man is very sick and I have felt so bad for him that I spent a while just praying for him today as he works.  I wish he could take the day off!   So, then I ended up getting up around 7 and I have been enjoying a beautiful cd of music called “Glorious, Indescribable” the newest from the WILDS.  And have enjoyed spending time in God’s word.  I don’t usually  have a chunk of time to read.  Most times I just sit down and the babe wakes up!  So I especially love these mornings of quietness.  It makes your spirit peaceful before the day begins.

And I am really looking forward to today, not for any particular reason, mind you.  I just want to get lots of sewing done today.  I have so much in my head and I never seem to have the time to get it all out before bed!  It’s very sad, lol.  So after this sweet quiet hour, my day may get very busy! =)   And that’s okay, too.


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