What Are We Fighting For?

I have prayed very hard over writing this blog post and I plan to keep it short so I don’t say something that could be taken the wrong way.

Recently I have been very frustrated over things being posted on Facebook.  Articles, statuses, etc, that are condemning other Christians.  People’s choice of music, movies, places they go, (that is not necessarily wrong, just personal preference) etc.

First of all, I believe the Bible (Matthew 18) teaches that if we have a problem with someone we should go to them and confront them about it (and if they refuse to hear, you take it to the pastor – not your Facebook).  I don’t think that Facebook should be used to condemn people.  I like what my pastor’s wife says…Christians should be encouraging each other” and all of her statuses on Facebook do so.   I rarely write a status, because, really, my Facebook is mainly to stay in touch with people, not let the whole world know what is going on in my life.  But how can you write a Scripture verse as one status and with the next condemn another Christian?  That doesn’t correlate.

But back to my title.  What are we fighting for?  Are we honouring the Lord by fighting each other as Christians?  Take the music issue…this is a touchy one but I know people who think that Ron Hamilton’s music is too worldly.  So how far do we go in saying who is right and who is wrong?  We need to stop fighting each other and instead work to encourage and uplift.  It is very disheartening to turn on my facebook and see people condeming other Christians.  I actually felt sick to my stomach today over something I saw.  And if that’s how I feel, as another Christian, what is the world going to think?

I WAS encouraged today by Bro. Ben Everson’s status/article on his music standards.  Praise the Lord for those people who can write out succinctly why they believe what they believe.  It has nothing to do with music standards, dress standards, etc.  It has to do with the Bible.  I am so thankful that I am held to God’s standard and not man’s!


5 thoughts on “What Are We Fighting For?

  1. Great post 🙂 I agree w/ your Facebook comments – all too often ppl (even Christians) use it to tear down others. I’ve heard of Christian teenagers creating two accounts – one for grownups to see and the other strictly for their friends – thus allowing them to lead two lives. That is a dangerous game to play. But on the other hand you look at the example of the Cretzmans and how Facebook can be used wonderfully by God’s ppl for His work!
    Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks for your comment Sabrina! It is true that facebook can be used for good…as I stated about Bro. Everson’s inspiring post on his music standards. I hope people don’t think I’m condemning facebook, lol. I hadn’t even heard about teens having two accounts!!!! Sounds like something my brother would have done, back in the day, lol…Always gotta break the rules. =)

  2. One thing I *very much dislike* about writing is that you cannot hear the tone of voice behind the words, which can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings! I heard a stat once that communication is something like 10% words and 90% tone and body language. When you think about that, it means we’re lacking 90% of what people are saying when we just read their words. I think we need to be careful, because often would could perceived as “fighting” or “condemning” only sounds that way because of the way WE interpret the tone in our own heads. I’ve had people misinterpret things I’ve said many times, and it’s difficult to have people offended at you because they think you said something offensive, when really you didn’t mean it that way at all!

    One thing I’ve tried to do as soon as I read something that sounds offensive or condemning is to change the way (tone) that I read it and then see if it has the same offensive sound to it. I think we need to give people the benefit of the doubt with their words, especially when they are writing. We’re only getting 10% of what they are saying. Sometimes it just comes out wrong, and the heart and motive was pure all along.

    I do agree with your post, and I understand your prayer behind what you wrote. I pray about many things that I post on my blog, especially when it has to do with those “touchy” subjects. I even considered closing my blog down, because people were misconstruing a lot of things I wrote, and that was hard. I even got unfriended by someone on facebook because of one of my posts. But, I don’t believe God is honoured when we avoid “touchy” subjects. The Bible addresses all these things, but it also commands us to speak the truth in love! We need to extend grace to those who might not agree with us, but we also need to extend grace to those who fight and condemn, and not condemn them for condemning others :)! (P.S. I don’t think you were condemning anyone for using condemning words, and SORRY that this comment is so long :P).

    • I know that some people have taken the words of my article as an offense, and I appreciate that concern. I tried to be very careful in what I said. And I wondered, too, if I would be construed as a hypocrite for writing it, instead of talking to one person (as I’m sure a number of people must think that I am talking to them personally). However, I was not writing against one person but to Christians as a whole. It’s not wrong to write things on our statuses, I’m not saying everyone has to be super spiritual on their statuses, however, as I’m sure some people would say (and have said), they do not need to show grace if they believe someone is doing wrong. It’s not about condemning others. It really isn’t. Jesus condemned a lot of people and sins in the Bible. It was about WHO and FOR WHAT we are condemning and maybe I was too vague about that. But I really wasn’t saying it against a certain person so I didn’t want to put anything specific that could be construed as a specific attack. However, my point is that, as Christians, we need to refrain from judging people on things that God is silent about in the Bible (Colossians 2:16 -“Let no man therefore judge in meat, or in drink, or in respect to holy days. or of the new moon, or of the sabbaths.”) You are allowed to have your personal preferences and if you want to discuss them with people one on one, please do so! I am not trying to change anyone’s convictions in those matters. But unsaved people don’t need to see us arguing om facebook over petty issues…what are we trying to portray to the world? Isn’t our responsibility as Christians to win the lost? An acronym (THINK) was circulated on facebook a while back and a lot of people posted it…maybe we all need to follow it. Is it true? Is it honest? Is it Inspiring? Is it NECESSARY? Is it KIND? I still wonder if I should have written this blog post, as short as I tried to keep it. I truly am not trying to offend anyone. I’m just trying to call Christians to higher standard than the lost world.
      I do appreciate your comments, though, Jess. And you are so right about speaking the truth in love. That is why I tried to end the post on an encouraging note. I’m not trying to put people down. Most of the people on my facebook are my closest friends. I’m not trying to hurt anyone or ruin any friendships. I think we just need to be careful about what we say when the whole world can see it. Thanks for the comment! =0

      • Totally agree!! I think you did a good job in your post with addressing the issue in a gracious way :). I’m very sorry that people were/are offended by your article. It’s like Sabrina said, facebook can be used for good or bad. The THINK acrostic is great! I hadn’t heard that before, so thanks :).

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