NEWEST project!!!!!!

I am sooo excited about these!  I just had to do one today and get it sewn up and it didn’t really take all that much time.  Which I love….I don’t like long-term projects, lol.

Everyone is in love with the TAG blankets that are out there these days for their baby.  I know one lady who got one at a baby shower.  Darius never got one but we were okay with that because he got a ton of other really cute blankets.  However, I saw this really neat idea on the internet a few weeks back and wanted to try it out.  I think they’re really cute and they can travel much better than a full blanket.  These TAG teethers measure either 4×4 or about 8×8 and can be stuffed in a purse, down the side of a car seat, or in your pocket!  They are made with a crackly interior so baby has something to capture his/her attention (besides all the cute tags on the sides).

I know a tag is missing on one side…somehow it got missed when I sewed them – weird since it was basted on…I will definitely be double checking the rest as I sew them!

The rectangle on the back is the crackly part that I sewed on.  I couldn’t think of anything creative to put on it at the time of sewing but I could do baby’s initials, or a word…I’m have one ready to sew that is a square, circle, rectangle, and triangle (of crackly material) and I’ll probably embroider the words underneath them on that one.  It’ll be fun to customize these for people.

So, this is my new fun project that I am really excited about.  There’s a market opening up the end of March that will run for the summer…what do you all think…should I book a table or not?  Thoughts?


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