Spinach Squares

I can remember the first time I had spinach.  We didn’t eat it growing up.  I’m not sure why, probably because my mom had never eaten growing up, either.  But when I was in college, Mrs. Phillips, one of my favorite teachers, decided that she wanted to have her class of girls out for a brunch one day.  Mrs. Phillips was the mother of the president’s wife, Mrs. Baker.  So, Mrs. Baker decided she would have us all over to her place and make us some scrumptious breakfast foods.  One of the things she made was a spinach quiche (do not ask how I remember this!).   It was the most amazing thing I had ever had.  But I didn’t have spinach again for a very long time.  I actually vaguely remember my aunt making a meat loaf with spinach in it one time.  Don’t remember when that was, though.  Then someone introduced me to spinach salads (I don’t remember who) and I really got into those.  Especially last year when I was pregnant and struggling with really low iron (I ate spinach salad so much I made myself sick of it! lol).

So, this morning I decided to try a recipe that I’ve had a few years for breakfast.  I was very excited about it.  My friend, Leanne, had given it to me when I lived in the valley and I just had never made it.  I finally had all the ingredients and, as Saturday mornings are mornings I make my husband breakfast, I decided today was the day!

Well, Hazen got up just in time to see all the ingredients sitting in the bowl and his first question was, “Can’t I have cereal?”   Of course my reply was, “NO!” lol   If I am going to slave over breakfast for you, you can eat it! hehehe.

When it came out of the oven he decided to add some toast to the square and he arrived at the table with his toast on a separate plate.  When I asked why he had dirtied an extra plate (seeing that I do the dishes) his reply was that he didn’t want to contaminate his toast.  Yup.  You’d think after almost 2 years of marriage he’d know better, lol.  I have one rule about meals in our house.  If you complain about it, you lose it.   Well, I just moved his plate to the other side of the table, but to be fair, he did eat it and he said it was okay…just a little too much spinach, if too much is possible, lol.   What a guy.  I have to give him credit for eating everything I put in front of him, even though he may not have seconds. =)

However, I thoroughly enjoyed it AND had a second piece.  It is packed full of protein and the spinach has iron (although, after it’s cooked, I’m not sure how much iron is left in it.).

So here is the yummy recipe for Spinach Squares:

3 eggs                2 c shredded cheese

1 c flour              4 c of coarsely chopped spinach

1 c milk              salt and pepper to taste

(you can also double the recipe and use an 8oz bag of spinach)

Mix all the ingredients together (I actually use whole wheat flour, too).  Pour into a greased 9×13 pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes or until lightly golden on top.  Cut into squares.  Serve hot or cold.

Well, I have breakfast for the next couple days, yum!



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