New Items in Joyful Noise

I am in love with little boys in newsboy hats, vests, and bowties.  They are just so adorable!   There’s something about that “Road to Avonlea” look that makes my heart melt.  I’ve already been making hats and bowties (my little Darius has been sporting them in various colours and fabrics) and this week I decided to try making a vest.  It was about the easiest thing I have made yet!  I LOVE making them and can’t wait to make more.  I also wanted to try something new and easy for parents to put on their kids and I came up with attaching different things to onesies…the one pictured below has a vest and bowtie attached.


And, of course, the girls could not be left out.  Here are some ballerina tutu’s made from the tutorial found here.  I didn’t follow it exactly – but I think from now I will.  The ones I made are not quite as fluffy as hers.  But I still think they are cute.

Here are two examples – one using a ribbon and one with an elastic waist.  If only I had a little girl…hmmm, maybe it’s time for #2!  (AHHHH! NOT YET!) =)


The blue one is my personal favorite, the only problem with it was that the spools came with less on it…so this one is only sized for probably newborn to maybe a year…it also has the ribbon waist and I think I like the elastic one better.

The silver one is has an elastic waist and can be added to to make it bigger.  It does fit up to a 12mo right now.  I also wrapped a salmon-coloured ribbon around it to “pretty” it up a bit.  I rather like the finished product.

Check out Joyful Noise on Facebook for all the latest items (girls dresses, hair bows, etc.)  There is lots going on right now!


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