Be Persistent!

I am into 2 Kings now in my devotions. These books are some of my favorite in the Bible. I love history! Pastor Parrett was preaching out of the Kings when I first started attending his church 5 years ago. I can even remember the first sermon I heard. It was out of 1Kings and it was where Ahab sends his servants looking for water and one of them comes upon Elijah. It was that message (and his insight into Scripture) that made Amy and I want to attend New Testament.
This morning I was reading 2Kings 4. There is a lot in this chapter but I was particularly fascinated by Elisha’s response to God’s answer to his prayer. He was praying over the body of a boy belonging to the Shunnamite woman. The boy had died and the woman had come to Elisha to ask for his help. Elisha sent his servant, Gehazi, with his staff and told Gehazi to lay it on the boy’s face. Gahazi returned to say there was no life in the boy. Elisha’s rod had done nothing. Elisha then gets to the house and shuts himself up in his room with the boy. He stretches himself over the boy and prayers for God to heal him. The verse says that the body became warm. But the boy didn’t wake up. This was just a partial answer to Elisha’s prayer. He stretched himself over the boy again, praying, and it was at that point that the boy sneezed seven times and came back to life.
How many times have I stopped praying because of a partial answer to prayer. Maybe I thought that was God’s answer, not to answer it fully. How many miracles and blessings have I missed out on because I was not persistent.
Persistent is one of those character traits I learned about growing up. The A.C.E. curriculum has 60 character traits that they try to teach through elementary and high school. Persistent: never giving up even when the circumstances seem to warrant it. I can be persistent in many things. I persistently nag my husband not to leave the closet door open. (=0) I am persistent about finding something at a store. But am I persistent in prayer, or do I give up easily when it seems that God has answered, even if it’s only a partial answer (or seems to be “No”). Maybe God is waiting for me to be persistent before He shows forth His wonderful power.


2 thoughts on “Be Persistent!

  1. in our revival meetings this week, Pastor Flanders preached a message on this…..he likened it to a phone ringing and just before you got there to answer it…it stops ringing. Just before God is ready to answer your prayer…you hang up!

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