A New Week

This weekend we had a wonderful time at a skate with some good friends in the valley.  Darius was not completely impressed with his first time on the ice, but I’m sure he’s going to learn to love it!  I know Hazen doesn’t look too impressed, but he was really happy to be on the ice and skated for almost 3 hours straight as he got roped into playing hockey with the guys (and had a blast I might add).Image

Sunday morning I got to deck Darius out in the most adorable outfit!  He wore the black dress shirt I had made for him two weeks ago with a red bow tie


And on top of that he wore a knitted outfit that my grandmother had made for my brother Nathan when he was 6mo old.  My mom saved it (my grandmother died in 1993) and brought it down with her when she came after Darius was born.  It’s been too big for him to wear until now, and I was so scared that it was going to get too warm for him to wear it.  Sunday was pretty warm but we put it on him anyway.  He looked so adorable!  It has a little British feel to it (my mother is from Ireland) and Hazen thought the hat made him look like an aviator, lol.


My little man is the most adorable one out there! hahaha

We did hear some sad news Sunday night about a friend of ours who was killed Sunday afternoon in a tragic accident.  We are praying for the family and hoping it works out to attend the funeral Friday.  This young man was an usher in our wedding and his family was very good to me when I first moved to the valley to teach.  I would ask that you pray for this family and hold them up to the Lord.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we pray for others during a time of tragedy.  We often pray that they would feel God’s arms around them, that He would comfort them – but He already is doing that.  We forget what that poem “Footprints” tells us about how God is with and carries us.  I realized that often it is our need to “feel” God’s arms (they are already there!).  We know they are there, but we often put up walls during a time of sorrow or tragedy so that we feel like God has abandoned us.  So I have been praying (starting with Matt and Lana and their family) that God’s comfort and arms would be felt…and I have continued to pray that for this sweet family. I would ask you to pray for them, too.  I have refrained from giving their name in respect for the family.  Please just pray.


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