We had a fun, b…

We had a fun, busy weekend visiting with Hazen’s mom and sister down on Cape Sable Island.  It was a beautiful drive down Saturday morning with just a bit of rain.  We stopped at his mom’s when we first got there and were surprised to see that Molly had bought us pizza!   The women were talking so much that poor Hazen had to beg for us to eat!  Nannie and Aunty were so happy to see Darius.  We decided to try to put him down for a nap while Hazen and I went to Uncle Jack’s to set up shop (we stayed overnight there).  Poor Darius gave his auntie a run for her money by fussing and screaming until I returned back.  Such a mommy’s boy! =)

He finally did go to sleep and we enjoyed some time chatting while Hazen visited with his Uncle Garfield.  For supper that night we were invited out to Hazen’s uncle Jeff’s.  His wife, Cheryl, had made a wonderful meal of ham and scalloped potatoes with apple pie for dessert.  They were so excited to see Darius and his cousin, Jade, had crocheted a teddy bear!  She is quite handy with a crochet needle (a girl after my own heart).

Sunday we were excited to learn that a missionary family was visiting.  We love hearing from missionaries.  The Carruthers, missionaries to Brazil, were presenting their ministry in both services.  We really enjoyed hearing from them.  Darius did great in the services, too.  He charmed everyone in the nursery!  And even though he was overtired (refused to nap!) he laughed and laughed for everyone.  Quite the character…he knows how to show off!   And we loved having Aunt Molly join us in the evening service.

We had a bit of an eventful ride home as I developed a migraine and poor Hazen had to stop a few times for me.  It may have been a touch of the flu but things seem to be better now. =)  We are so thankful for the time we had.  It was so great to get out.  Hazen and I even enjoyed a date Sunday afternoon!  When we were dating, our “dates” consisted of Tim Hortons coffee and a drive somewhere around the island (or off it).  So Sunday afternoon my husband bought me a Tim Hortons coffee and took me for a drive!  =)   I know it sounds corny but it was special.

And that was our weekend.  In a nutshell.  Haven’t tried any new recipes lately, but I might post my easy truffles this week that I made Hazen for Valentines Day.  They are so easy to make – and soooo yummy!  So look for that recipe sometime this week. =)


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