Remembering Azlynn Cretzman

I am watching, live, the funeral service for Matt and Lana Cretzman’s little 3-yr old girl, Azlynn.  Many of you have heard of the tragic accident that occurred last Monday in North Carolina. 

I am speechless at the testimony of God’s grace that Matt and Lana have displayed this last week.  And watching the service right now brings it home even more through the songs they picked, and through the message Pastor Trieber is giving.  “What a Day” that will be when we finally reach Heaven and see little Azlynn…meet all the people that her little life has touched.  You can read the comments on their facebook page about people who have gotten saved through the testimony of her death. 

All I can say is that God has used Matt and Lana to teach me a lesson.  Having peace through God.  Yes, they are grieving, but they have peace.  May they continue to feel God’s arms around them in the days ahead – for we know those arms there!  God is in control.  HE IS our Shepherd who picks us up and gently carries us through the struggles.

Praying for you both continuously in the days ahead.


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