EXTREME Couponing

Okay, so I have decided that Mondays are going to be coupon Mondays in our house. I am desperate to save money on groceries…they are soooooo expensive these days. Obviously I will not be “extreme couponing” like the show I’ve heard so much about (but have never seen). I just want to save. I have started buying more than one item when it goes on sale. For instance, last week, glad bags were on sale (Hazen likes them for his lunches) so I bought two boxes for the price of one. Pretty good deal.
Well, today, I was extremely disappointed. I received the most amazing coupon in my email and when I went to print it off it printed WAY bigger than it should have and is missing part of the coupon. It was $7 off coupon for the formula that Darius uses. I had emailed the company and asked them about it because they always have $5 coupons for their featured formula but it’s a smaller container for almost twice the price (WHY?). So, they finally posted a coupon for the formula I buy and it will only allow you to print one! They should add an addendum that you need to change the sizing before printing. Sooo annoying. So I have emailed as many people as I can think of to print one for me. I would buy 6 cans at one time if I can get $7 off! It expires some time in March so I know it won’t last long. But Superstore often puts it on sale for $5 cheaper – so with a $7 coupon I could possibly get it for $12 cheaper! That would be more than half price and each can would be $11…that’s if I could get it on sale. Of course, getting $7 off is still better than nothing! I’m tellin ya. So frustrating. Hopefully it works for my friends…praying hard!!!!
I also found some “hidden” coupons on websaver.ca…ahhhhhh. Actually I found them through a site called Savealoonie.com. And, by sharing it with two friends I was able to get a coupon for 1.50 off of All-bran bars…yum. I like high value coupons – I’m not so much into the .75 or .50 coupons unless they’re for kraft dinner which often goes on sale for .79. So I went to this website where they show you where the hidden coupons are: http://www.savealoonie.com/hidden-websaver-coupons/ – and I am so excited about finding more great deals.
I’m also looking forward to being able to attend a coupon workshop with a lady out of Cole Harbour, NS. I’m hoping it works out. She saves about $2000 a year in groceries. How crazy is that! What we could do with $2000 extra a year, eh? That’s my exciting Monday news. =) I’ll have to do another post about our fabulous weekend away…=)


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