At Our House

We are busy trying to get over colds this week.  Poor Darius came down with it Friday and it hit me Saturday.  My poor little boy was so stuffed up (and is).  I feel so bad for him.

Last week we did a photo shoot for Valentines Day so Darius could send a valentine to his aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa, and nannie.  He loved it.  He got so excited about holding the valentines that he crushed a couple of them and they had to be placed nicely to the side for the photo, lol.  He is so active now.  I love seeing everything he does.  He is not crawling yet but believe me when I say he can get where he wants to go.  He just rolls over and over.  Yesterday I was crocheting in my chair while he played on the floor.  Suddenly, I felt something tickling my foot!  He had rolled probably about four feet over until he was under me and was playing with my foot.  He has a little toy camera he likes to play with and we pulled out a Thomas book from Aunt Molly Saturday night and got to read about Thomas with the neat whistle sounds that accompanied it!  This morning he was awake at 3:40 (he hadn’t eaten well yesterday so I was prepared for it) and after I had changed him I ran to blow my nose (I’m blowing two noses right now) and he held out his little arms for me to take him with him.  I have to say seeing him hold his arms up to be picked up melts my heart!  I was only a second but it nearly broke his heart that his momma walked away from him.  Poor guy.  He is pretty happy, though, considering how sick he is.  I love that he’s so good natured.  And surprisingly he is sleeping pretty well (minus the 3:30 wake-up for food).  Saturday night he slept 11 hours!  He averaged 8.5 – 11 last week. I’m pretty excited about that!

Friday night I got rear-ended coming home from shopping.  I’ve been predicting its eventuality as people go past us all the time when we’re waiting to turn into our driveway.  I just wish I hadn’t been driving the car when it happend.  =(   Our poor car has taken quite the beating in the past 4 months. I am ready to give up driving and move out of the city!  My poor husband is watching his wonderful car become a piece of junk.  Poor guy.

Saturday morning we had a ladies brunch which was absolutely wonderful!  I love breakfast.  I think breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  I love making breakfast.  I know, I’m weird, lol.  We also revealed our secret sisters from church.  We had so much fun fellowshipping and just enjoying each other’s company.  It’s nice when we can fellowship outside of church as Christians.  I’m so thankful for my church family!

This weekend we are looking forward to seeing Nannie and Aunt Molly.  I’m hoping we are over our colds by then!  Enjoy Darius’ pics from Valentines Day!  And Happy Monday to you all!Image



Last week after lessons Darius found my bow – future violist? =)


One thought on “At Our House

  1. Nannie & Aunt Molly are so excited to see Darius & both of you as well !!! Praying all are feeling better real soon & safe travels 🙂 Love you All Aunt Molly

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