Another week

Well another week is going by.   It’s insane how fast January passed and now we’re already into the third week of February.  I missed a recipe last week (I know I promised one!) but I will be posting it this week.  With the contest last week I kind of forgot about all else.  I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments but I have to admit that I was just a teensy bit disappointed that more people didn’t sign up for it.  I have 59 friends on facebook who can read my blog post (and the statuses I wrote about it) and only 10 of those actually signed up.  The other 3 people were from other sources.  I do not understand why people wouldn’t want free.  Oh well…I had fun reading the 13 comments I did receive.  I love winter, personally, and I wish I had more opportunity to get out in the snow.

Today, however, is a beautiful, balmy 1 degree celsius (it’s supposed to get up to +6) and I am planning on taking my no-napping baby out for a walk this afternoon.  He doesn’t appreciate the cold air right now, but he’ll grow to like it!  hehe  I found this wonderful route to walk that goes uphill going and downhill coming home.  It goes up and around the back of my building on this cute little street.  There are a couple of little grass parks, too.  And you can make it longer or shorter, depending on how you feel (there are little side streets that come down).  So we are going to enjoy that this afternoon.

This month in my Bible I am reading through 1 Kings.  I have to admit I’m a couple of days behind, but I am catching up.  I have a book that I reading in conjunction with my chapter-a-day, called “Praying with the Kings”.  It’s really neat how the author takes what happens in each chapter and explains how we can use that to pray for the Lord’s guidance every day in our lives.  For instance, chapter 10 is about the Queen of Sheba, and the author relates her visit and words with how we, as Christians, should be a witness to the unsaved world in our business dealings.  Letting how we act to be a witness.  Solomon’s wisdom “from the Lord” caused her to want to see how the Lord had blessed him.  It’s wasn’t just Solomon’s wisdom – his witness was that the Lord had given him that wisdom.  I’m really enjoying the book.

I did finish reading Romans last month but I am still working on the book by Phillips.  I haven’t given up on it, lol.

I know I also promised by 2012 book list, but as I was trying to compile one I realized that there are so many books that I want to read (and generally read) that instead of giving you a list, I’ll just blog about the books as I read them (if they’re worth blogging about, lol).

And that’s about all for this week.  Watch for that recipe for All-Bran Brown Bread!


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