My Baby

My baby learned how to roll over both ways this week!  Well, technically he learned how to roll from his stomach to his back last week and boy was he excited about it.  He would wake up at 3 am and roll onto his back and then get really annoyed and scream.  When I went into his room he would look up at me and laugh (the little stinker).  He was very proud of himself.

This week he was playing on the floor and I noticed he had rolled onto his back (which was normal).  Then a few minutes later I looked back at him and he was on his stomach.  But I didn’t really clue in as to what that meant until I noticed him rolling back over onto his back.  Then it hit me that he must have rolled onto his stomach!  He’s done it a few times since, but only when you’re “not paying attention” so I can’t get a picture of him doing it. But here’s one of the big boy that I snapped this week.

Image  He was not impressed at my sitting him in the snow! 


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