100th post Contest!

Who doesn’t love free things? hehe   In honour of my 100th post on this blog I am giving away a free hat from Sweet As Can Be Creations.  Sabrina has sold hats in 6 provinces, a US state and New Zealand.  She’s pretty popular these days at the Greenwood Farmers Market in Greenwood, NS.   You can check out her facebook page through the link above or on her blog, here. Sizes range from infant to adult.  The winner can choose any hat from her collections in any size.

To qualify for this contest leave me a comment on the bottom of this post telling me what your favorite part of winter is (or if you utterly dislike winter, hehehe).

My favorite part of winter is snow outside on the ground and me inside with a good book, a blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate (’cause it’s just not the same in the middle of summer). =)

I need to add that this contest ends Friday night at midnight.  Winner will be announced Saturday morning.


13 thoughts on “100th post Contest!

  1. Oooo… yes, I love the smell of wood stoves too! Wish I had one. I also like bright sunny days when snow has freshly fallen and is sparkling on the trees. So beautiful 🙂

  2. The thing I love about winter in NL is the immense amount of snow days!!!! Who doesn’t love a day off school because of all that pretty white stuff? 🙂

  3. I love the snow days! 🙂 I love it snowing so bad that you can’t get out of the house and no one can get to you! You have all (well, most) of your housework done and can be lazy ALL day! NS has very pathetic snow days compared to NL!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. My favorite thing about winter is when the branches and all the trees have fresh snow on them and it looks like a winter wonderland and it just smells so crisp and cool…just like what we had for Christmas eve this past year!! I loved it…it made it feel a lot more like Christmas

  5. The thing I like best about winter is getting together with some friends and going skating!!!!! Also going out in fresh fallen snow and playing with our puppy Fancy. It is so cute to see her bounce around in snow up to her belly!! 🙂

  6. Winter is a part of us here in Canada. Best part is when the ice melts. Oh you must have snow Christmas eve 😛
    See Winter: Five Windows on the Season (CBC Massey)

  7. One thing I love about winter is sitting inside in the dark with my husband, on the couch on our knees looking over the couch out the window at the snow falling…with the kids in bed sleeping!! 🙂

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