DIY projects from January

So, rather than post a separate blog entry for each project I’ve worked on this month, I decided just to enter them all in one post.  I had hoped to work on one room at a time, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way, with finances, etc.  So, we do what we can with what we have at the time.  But things are being organized nicely and I am so excited about finishing off projects.  By the end of February the bathroom should be finished (I say should because it really all depends on if we get a drill and the wood for a diy shelf I want to make, lol).

Enjoy the pictures!

Here is the start of the bathroom…I got my towels colour cordinated and I have smaller basket above for face cloths (no pic yet).

I got this nicer metal hook for our big towels on the back of the door instead of over-the-door- hooks.  They made a horrendous noise every time you closed the door.  Now, we are noise-free, hehehe.

This hook for Hazen’s face cloth is right beside the sink for easy access.

On the counter top I got glass jars from VV for cotton balls and q-tips and found this cute basket at the dollar store for those little things that clutter up the sink area.

And I have started painting…can’t wait to show the final pictures – it looks AMAZING so far.  So excited about the bathroom being CLEAN! (FYI – this is mold and mildew paint – no more pink and black mold. – and the owner said there was nothing they could do about it – they didn’t reckon with ME)

In the kitchen I have started putting all my goods in glass jars.  Glass doesn’t hold smells (if washed properly) and doesn’t leach nasty chemicals into your food like plastic.  Plus, these are so easy to see and look neat in my cupboard.

I am going to be putting my spices into these little jars that stack so nicely…I love the look of these in my cupboard – my kitchen is going to be one of the most organized places ever when I’m finished!

I made the basket on the top shelf out of a carboard box and strips of fabric with a glue gun (my glue gun has become my best friend)…the brown basket was from Micheals.  I have all my sheets in the bottom one and all the pillow cases in the top one.  I haven’t finished with the linen closet yet as I plan to move more things around but this is a beginning.

I also didn’t take any pictures yet of the Master Bedroom but I have managed to organize quite a bit in there.  So happy for that!

Now for the little man’s bedroom I have covered a cheap dollar store footstool and made two floor mats out of the most adorable material that has frogs on it!  I picked it up randomly at the fabric store one day (actually I think my husband picked it out when I was planning stuff to sell at the market before Christmas) and didn’t even realize it had frogs on it!  Now I want to go back and get more so I can make him curtains to match and maybe a quilt or sheet for his crib.  LOVE it!

And voila, there is January in a nut shell…with all the other diy projects that I’ve already blogged about. =)


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