At Our House

Well this week was a busy one at our house.  Darius and I were sick for most of it.  But we did enjoy the end of the week and are starting to get better. (YEAH).

Friday night we really enjoyed fellowshipping with our church family at a games night.  Everyone brought a their favorite board games and snacks.  Tables were set up and games began.  Some of the younger set played games like Sorry, Pop’n Hop, and Connect Four.  The men really got into Checkers, and Spitting Uno (I think Spitting Uno took almost an hour for one game! yikes!).  And a number of older women had scrabble games going.  I participated a bit in Pop’n Hop while someone graciously watched Darius, but he was a little cranky as it was past his bedtime.  It is nice to have people in the church willing to watch Darius at times for us – especially Sundays when I’m at the piano and Hazen is doing prayer requests.

Saturday we enjoyed a nice big breakfast of bacon, homemade hashbrowns, eggs, and All-Bran Brown Bread (look for the recipe this week).  We rarely get to sit together in the mornings so those “big breakfast” weeks are especially nice.  Then we took the baby out for some air and my husband treated me to some paint I’ve been hoping for since we moved into the apartment last August!  I’m so excited about getting some more DIY projects crossed off my list.  AND, after we pick up a drill from his mom’s house at the end of the month, I may be able to declare the bathroom officially done!  Sooo, excited.  I can’t wait to post pictures of my latest painting venture with this special paint.

Then I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon changing the bedroom around and hanging pictures on the walls.  The bedroom has some exciting DIY projects planned for it.  The first one being a headboard for the bed.  I’m very excited about starting that (just not sure when that will happen).  But my husband helped me move some furniture around and reorganize, etc.  I like that feeling of organization.

Now we are getting ready for another week.  Hazen will be busy this week preparing for his messages for Sunday (he’s preaching all 3 services!).  I have violin and tutoring at some point, along with groceries (my grocery list is already made out from last week…yeah for a 2-week meal plan).  In fact, my grocery list currently has about 5 items on it…lol.  I will be baking up some nurtri-grain bars (in the spirit of eating healthy) and maybe some more All-bran bread – I could eat a loaf of that every week, yum!

Looking forward to a good week, might try to get out for a walk in the cold with baby as it is calling for a sun the rest of the week, I have a post on my books for this year to come, the recipe of the week, and maybe even a diy project to share. =)   Happy Monday – ALL!


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