Okay, so I’m almost done my reading through Romans for the month – it will be on to the Kings next month – but I’m definitely not done with John Phillips book! Still learning so much. I feel so privileged that the Lord shared Paul’s thoughts with us. These letters are such a precious treasure. Have you ever received letters from someone and treasured them? I still have the letters my husband wrote me while we were dating. We had a long distance relationship (much like Paul’s with the Romans) and rather than relying on email we chose to use snail mail a few times. I treasure those letters. And boy, can my husband write! I’m telling you, he filled pages when he wrote letters.
I’m beginning to see how Paul’s letters to the different would have been like that. The congregations would have treasured those letters, Paul’s thoughts, just like I treasured my husbands.
Chapter 3 of Romans poses an interesting question. Is it okay to sin in order to enhance God’s forgiveness? Some of the Jewish leaders were saying that God would be more greatly glorified through forgiveness of sins – therefore making it okay to sin. Paul admonishes the Roman Christians that this is false! He uses the strong language “God forbid!” Would you want to be judged for all those sins? It is much better to glorify God through right speech and actions than through sin and repentance.
He also tells us later in the chapter that our words make up a large part of God’s judgment against us. That is a scary thought. Imagine how many words we speak every day. That’s why I believe that the Bible says that we should have thought under captivity. What we think generally comes out of our mouth (out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh). I have a sign in my bathroom that reads “Lord, let my words be sweet as honey for tomorrow I may have to eat them”…how true that is. I read that every morning when I get up and throughout the day as I use that room…but often the message doesn’t sink in and after I’ve said something I regret I see those words and am ashamed. We need to ask the Lord to help keep our thoughts and our words under captivity so that the Lord has nothing with which to judge us.


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