DIY projects

This week I have been weeding through some of the sewing projects that have been sitting by my sewing machine for a few weeks. My husband hates seeing the pile so I decided to try and lower it so at least it sits below the level of the bed, lol.
Some of those projects have included sewing a tear in a shirt he found at Frenchy’s…he didn’t notice the tear until he got it home. Luckily it was right at a seam so I just had to pick apart the seam and resew it and you couldn’t even tell the difference. Another was taking apart one of his old shirts that was frayed at the collar and remaking it into a shirt for my almost 5mo old son. It was almost more work trying to reuse parts of the shirt than if I had just cut out all new pieces and sewn it together. Plus, I’ve been pretty tired (and sick) this week so I made a ton of mistakes with it. What should have been a 2-hour project turned into an all-day affair…very frustrating. But it is finished and he was able to wear it to church last night along with a belt that I made out of extra material from the shirt. I still have another one to take apart but I think I’ll wait for another day to do that.

I also made Baby two sheets for his crib.  I found some old fleece sheets that I had used for decorating at my wedding.  They are massive sheets, so I took one and cut out two for the crib using his one existing crib sheet as a guide.  The sheet is so big that I probably have enough to make two more!  So now I can change Baby’s bed and don’t have to put a pink sheet on while his is going through the wash, lol.

Two other projects I have, I remembered to snap pictures of…so I hope you enjoy my remade skirt for myself and sleeve pants for baby.
I took a jumper that I had found at Value Village two years ago (I think I wore it once) and took off  the top half.  It was two sizes smaller than I really wear but since it was stretchy material I always thought I would wear it…yeah, that tummy always sticks out, lol.  I simply folded under the wasteline and sewed the zipper under.  Probably the fastest project ever.
This was the final result.  I actually like it, and though I’ve worn it once I think I’ll keep it for the summer.  It has a sweet little pink line along the bottom (I don’t know if you can see it in the pictures or not) so I can wear a nice pink tee with it or a white one, etc…it’ll be a nice comfy skirt for those hot summer months.  =)

Now, Baby’s pants that I sewed from some shirt sleeves.  I had bought this shirt from Walmart back in like November and never really liked how it fit but I didn’t wans to just throw it out.  SO I decided to make Baby some leggings and then I’m going to try something else with the rest of the top but that will be a later post.  So, I cut the sleeves off the shirt and made them straight.

I picked open the seams till they went down far enough for a crotch for his little diapered bum….then sewed the two pieces together (see picture above).

Then I used some bed sheet scraps to make a casing (the edge of the bedsheet was already a casing so I just cut it off) and attached it to the pants.  I didn’t want them to be too short or I would have just made a casing from the existing pants material.  Then I threaded a thin elastic through and sewed it shut.

The perfect pair of comfy pants for Baby to wear – especially since he hasn’t been feeling the greatest.  These are nice and comfy and the perfect length as most of his pants are either too long for him and his feet get caught up in them, or they are the right length and too tight in the waist (poor guy has to suck it up, lol).  These are a perfect fit and comfy to sleep in during his naps.  May have to use Daddy’s old shirts in the future as the arms are longer, but for now, these are pretty stinkin’ cute.


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