New Computer!

I am sooo excited! My two boys treated me last night to a new computer! Our old one was beginning to crash a bit too much for my taste as I do a lot of work on the computer for tutoring, etc. I was frustrated more times than not and spent more time waiting for the computer to open a page, or reboot, than I actually did doing any work.
So last night, amid the slippery streets, my husband took me out and bought me a new computer. A PURPLE computer, lol. It was on sale, and has a lot of nice features for the price we got. It is an HP. I love that it’s purple, hehehe. Hazen said it was my computer, ahaha. What a guy. Of course he’ll be using it, too, but I guess I do use it the most.
Sigh, my men are the best =)


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