Okay, so the trial worked, yeah! I’m back and up and online. Don’t you love when computers don’t cooperate?
So, I was home Sunday morning with my baby. I had a rough day on Saturday (spent 5 hours in Emerg) and lost a lot of sleep. Since my husband was working I decided to just stay home and go with him for the evening service. I love that he is getting overtime…but he’s so tired lately. No more overtime for a few weeks!
Yes, I was at home…I know, I’m getting side-tracked. I was going to watch Faithway’s service but forgot that their service started earlier and I went on at 12 (11 ON time) and got just the tail end of Pastor Wall’s sermon, sigh. So disappointing.
At that point I decided to just spend some time by myself with God’s word. Now, I’m reading through Romans (I think I’ve told you that before). This book has always scared me a little bit. I have found it very difficult to understand and I have to admit that when I took the class in college I wasn’t really interested in it (sorry Pastor Bowler). In a bid to learn my Bible better, however, I decided to tackle this book, as I’ve heard it said many times that Paul wrote it to Christians (not to the unsaved even though we often quote it while soul-winning). I was amazed Sunday at what I learned just in the space of an hour!
I am using John Phillip’s “Exploring Romans” as a guide to help me understand what I am reading and it makes SO MUCH SENSE! AH…I can’t even tell you. It’s amazing…and convicting at the same time (and this is the book we used in college, yikes).
I am very convicted by so much in chapter one. I’m beginning to see how Romans is such a missionary book. How Paul was encouraging the Roman Christians to continue spreading their faith (they were known throughout the world for their faith!). Wow, do people see my faith that much? I’m ashamed to say that while people may know I’m a Christian that’s about as far as it goes sometimes.
Paul prayed for those he didn’t know who were unsaved. His prayer life was amazing. As an aside, you know, it’s funny, someone said to me a few months back that Paul never prayed a prayer confessing sin after he was saved (using this as an illustration that Christians do not need to be continually confessing sin). But I realized that Paul wrote letters, it wasn’t a dissertation on his life, etc (like the book of Jonah). Why would Paul confess his sins to other people? It just doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t confess sin.
Anyhoo…back to the topic at hand. Towards the end of chapter one Paul talks about how people are rejecting God in order to satisfy their lusts. And how, those who reject God, God will reject. John Phillips calls them “heathens”. He then defines heathens as those who just ignore God in their daily thinking. How many times do we as Christians fit into this category. We have so many idols ahead of God. We may do our devotions in the morning (like an idol worshipper bowing before his idol before he begins his day)…but then we live the rest of our lives as if God doesn’t exist.
I guess that’s one thing that I’ve been so convicted about this year. Simple things like keeping your house in order, cleaning, etc…show an example of how God is. God is a God of order. And I want others to see that.
I can’t wait to keep going in Romans. It is an exciting journey. Book one on my list for 2012! Still working on that list…look for the post!


2 thoughts on “Hah!

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I absolutely LOVE the book of Romans! So many amazing things there, and very convicting. Yes, it’s deep in places, and difficult to understand, but so worth it in the end. I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of your journey through Romans :).

    • Thanks Jess! I am really enjoying it. I’m really beginning to develop a keen interest in Paul’s books as I’ve studied his journeys extensively and now can “see” the places he wrote to. It makes the Bible come alive! =)

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