Where I’m At

This week has been CRAZY busy!  My poor baby had his 4 mo appointment yesterday and is so grumpy from those needles.  BUT, on a up-side, he slept 9 hours last night without a peep…no soother call, nothing!  Ahhh…so exciting…lol   Now if he would only keep it up.

So, this year I am doing something different in my personal devotions.  I am finishing up reading through the Bible but in a unique way.  I’ve really been convicted about knowing my Bible better – being able to show people where things are and being able to stand up for what I believe BECAUSE I know the verses.  So, I started with the book of Romans and what I’ve done is broken the book into four weeks.  So there are 16 chapters in the book, that’s four chapters a week.  Now, the way I’ve heard this done is that you read all 4 chapters every day, but I find that a little much – I don’t concentrate well if I read a ton.  So I am two chapters a day and then the last 3 days I read all four together.  Next month I am going to read through Kings – along with a “Praying Through Kings” book that my husband and I picked up last year.  He has finished it so it’s my turn now.  That will probably last two months as I think it is both 1 and 2 Kings.  That book (“Praying Through Kings”) is top on my list of books to read this year.  I’m so excited.  I’m getting to work on my book list.  Some may not happen because of cost, but I’m going to try.   Will add a page soon with that list.

My bathroom is also starting to take shape.  Very excited about that!  I managed to get one basket on the wall with towels in it and it looks FABULOUS!  I’m hoping to find another for face cloths to join it.  I also got two glass jars, one for cotton balls and one for q-tips (they look classy).  And, at the dollar store I picked up a small divided basket that holds my deodorant and a body spray in one compartment, the q-tips in another, and one is empty at the moment (looks very classy).  On the floor (I’m still hoping to find crates somewhere but for now…) I have one large basket that matches the one on the wall that has a smaller basket (from the dollar store) with extra toilet paper rolls and another with some feminine things in it.   It is starting to look really good.  I can’t wait to post pictures when it’s all done.  Just two weeks to go!


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