Sigh – okay, so Micheals was a bust.  Next time I even THINK of going please remind me of that.  I have to say that it is now my least favorite store.  As Leah commented on the last post, even on sale Michaels baskets are still too expensive.  I did find two that look really cute, but I think I am also going to try Wheatons – if I can get out there some time this week.

I also want to point out that Michaels also has false advertising.  I was in the store yesterday and decided to check out their picture frames which had been advertised in the flyer as “buy one get one for a cent”.  That was not true.  They even had the sign posted on the shelf that I took my frames off of.  But my frames were not buy one get one for a cent.  Needless to say, I did not buy them.  When I can get something similar at Walmart for $9 or under why would I pay $12 or $14 for a frame?  (and that was a sale price)!

Nope, won’t be shopping at Micheals again.  On the up side – the two larger baskets I did buy there had replica mini ones at the dollar store.  So I was able to get two smaller baskets to match for $4 total.  Now, that’s a deal!


One thought on “Follow-up

  1. I’ve noticed that their frames are often weird sizes, so you have to buy a mat from them too in order to fit your photo. 😦

    I don’t go to Michael’s much, but I have to say that their after-holiday sales are amazing. I got a bunch of baskets after Easter last year on 75% off. And I did pretty good this year with after-Christmas stuff. Must have been good since I waited 30 minutes in line to pay! lol But on the normal day their ads don’t tempt me.

    Glad you found some baskets though.

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