Ideas for the New Year

So, I’m not one for making New Years resolutions – because I don’t know a single person who has every kept them all year long.  However, I do like to set myself goals to accomplish during the year.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what those goals will be this year.

My first goal is going to be to get to know my Bible better (that is a “starting” this year thing…I know it is a life-long process).   I have been very convicted this past year, though, to become a “Mary in a Martha world”. 

Another goal is to organize my home better.  There are a number of things my husband and I just decided not to spend money on when we got married, like a dresser, etc.  I’m finding now, though, that our home is not very organized.  This process will include not only bringing in organizers but also getting rid of what we don’t need.  And it will be a process, it will not be done in one week (TRUST ME!  I’m shaking in my boots just thinking of the monumental task!).  I’ve decided to concentrate on one room each month and just do something simple.  For example, for January I am going to introduce something in our bathroom to hold towels, etc.  I saw this really neat idea on this website using baskets.  Something simple and inexpensive.   This will also give me time to work on my next idea (which will be unveiled in February!).  Our God is a God of order and I don’t think it pleases Him to see my home in such disarray. 

I haven’t quite figured out my other goals yet, although, I think I want to work on building my online business of boy items so that I can bring in some money but not have to worry about taking time away from my family with structured lessons (tutoring, etc).  I’m not sure about that yet as I do enjoy teaching music.  I’ll definitely be praying about that one.

For now, I think those goals are enough.  What are your goals for the coming year?


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