Christmas and 2012

I am back!  I decided while on holidays to leave the computer behind.  I was offline for a solid week before I went on to check facebook and it actually felt really good!  It was like doing one of those cleanses in order to diet.  I do enjoy the internet and keeping up with people on facebook but sometimes we just need to take a step back and rid our lives of the excess baggage we sometimes we pick up through this technology.

Thursday, December 22nd I flew to Ontario to spend Christmas with my family.  I was extremely nervous about flying by myself with Darius but the staff at the Halifax airport was amazing!  The security guards helped me strap him in to his snugglie after I got through security and the stewardesses helped me get settled on the plane.  It was really great to have that help. 

My brother picked me up at the airport and it gave us some much-needed time to catch up.  It had been way too long since we’d seen each other.  My sister was waiting at home and the three of us just enjoyed an hour of talking and catching up on each others lives before Nathan had to leave.

Friday my sister had a boatload of friends (okay, so boatload is exaggerating, but it sure felt like it! lol) show up for a few hours.  Then in the evening we had a big family reunion with my aunt and uncle, their two daughters, husbands and kids.  It was loud.  Poor Hazen called to confirm his flight details with me and he couldn’t even hear anything over the ruckus the kids were making.   We had four 4/5 yr olds and two babies under a year.  It was CRAZY!  But so much fun.

Hazen flew in on Saturday and we enjoyed Christmas Eve service at Graceway Baptist (my home church) and then a service Christmas morning with them again.  It was great to renew friendships with people there and meet new people.  I love to see churches growing. 

Monday we celebrated Christmas together – my brother and his son, my sister, her husband and son, Hazen and Darius and I, my parents, and my aunt Lynda.  We had so much fun together, enjoyed opening gifts, playing games, and eating yummy food.  Unfortunately Hazen had to fly back that night so it cut the day short, but we really enjoyed it.

The rest of the week was spent in making visits (for not planning anything we were awfully busy, lol).  It was a wonderful week but by Friday we were all ready to go home – and my parents were ready to have their house back!  I hope you enjoy the few pictures below.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!  I am looking forward to some fun projects and more blogging in 2012Image

“I can hold him, Aunty Amanda!”  Jon just loved his cousin Darius.


Fathers and sons…one of my favorite pictures of the whole season


My sister, Melinda, enjoying her nephew.   She would hardly give him up! 


My favorite picture of all!  Grandma and Grandpa with Darius.  My parents are the best.  =)


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