Monday News

What a wonderful night…finally D seems to be back on schedule!  He decided last week that he was going to have a growth spurt and started waking up at 1:30/2 for a bottle.  Not nice!  So last night I decided to feed him his “dreamfeed” bottle at 10  (He hasn’t had it in weeks) and he slept right through until 6:30 this morning (YEAH!).   He was pretty tired last night, too.

Yesterday was a busy day as we had our Christmas program.  It was a bit of a busy week actually.  I think we were out every night of the week. Monday was shopping day, Tuesday my wonderful men took me out for supper to a sweet little restaurant called Athens, Wednesday was church (which I actually skipped for certain reasons – yikes), Thursday Hazen went out with a couple guys from church and I tutored, Friday we had our practice for Sunday, Saturday we had a Ladies Brunch at Swiss Chalet (Yum), and then Sunday was the program at church.  Whew!  What a whirlwind.   But it was an awesome week.

The highlight was getting a phone call from one of my closest friends on my birthday.  She lives in Columbia now and I haven’t seen her in years.  I’ve gotten married, she got married, I had a baby – she got a dog…lol.  Seems like so much has changed, so it was really neat to hear from her.

Last night our Christmas program went so well and we had so many visitors out.  It was such a blessing.  The children all did well, especially the little ones who memorized their verses – they were so cute! 

Speaking of the nativity,, my cousins posted an article on their FB page about a teacher in Arkansas (where they lived for many years) who was asked to take her bulletin board of the nativity scene down in the school.  Apparently two citizens called in ANONYMOUSLY, and demanded that the board be taken down.  The principal did so based on what the school’s lawyer advised and then sent the teacher home from school (according to her she thought she was being fired or suspended).  She was later called back to school and (because of outrage from the Christian community) one of the school board’s members told her she could put the board back up.  But, the controversy has come up that Christians are too silent – and too, that if she is allowed to display this board then she should represent all the religions that celebrate at this time of year.

Are Christians too silent, though?  Or are we following Christ’s example (as I’ve often been told) of not answering His accusers?  I’m not sure that Christians need to be protestors and stand outside with picket signs – but I do think we often do stay silent rather than speak up when something is done to offend us.  Jesus often offended the Pharisees…and there are numerous examples in the book of Acts where the disciples stood up for what they believed in.  What do you think?

And in response to the second part – that we should represent all religions if we are going to represent Christianity – there is a simple response.  They are not required to represent Christianity when they post something in public – so why should Christians have to?   It’s as simple as that.  My mom had a saying that she used to use a lot that said, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”  In other words, if it’s good for one person then it’s good for another. 


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